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One of the most popular games in the world DOTA 2, has finally had a live action adaptation it deserves! Well kind of...

Just over 18 months ago we at K&K Productions, helped out a good friend of ours, and well know DOTA YouTuber 'Pyrion Flax'. He had a dream to create a short live action DOTA film using the plushies of the heroes to tell the story. So we headed down to the YouTube studios in London and made that dream come true.

You can check out the film below:

The film combines the plushies with real backdrops from the game and basic visual effects. It tells the story of Warlock, an underused hero, who just wants his chance to shine!

The YouTube studios in London
The YouTube studios in London

We had a great time making this video and it was surprisingly challenging in parts. We had to strike the right balance between crappy and fun, because Pyrion wanted to make sure the audience are going to laugh. You can see how we did it with the BTS video.

At K&K we are big fans of DOTA 2 and Pyrion really knows his stuff, so it was great to work with him and we hope to do more videos with him in the future.

In the mean time you can check our YouTube channel, where we have loads of short films, based on everything from Batman to DragonBall Z. Also make sure to check out Pyrions channel and let us know what you think of the video.

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