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It's no secret that Tom Cavanagh is returning for the second season of The Flash, but what his actual role was has remained a mystery. Well, the producers have finally spoken, and their words have beckoned throughout the land, providing fans with long-sought answers that give us heavy insight in what to expect out of Dr. Well's come Season 2. Like…

How can he still exist?

Now that's what I call the electric slide.
Now that's what I call the electric slide.

CinemaBlend said it best with this quote; "Though Dr. Wells pulled the old “disappear forever” trick at the end of the first season of The Flash, you can never count out a comic book supervillain." It was previously confirmed that Tom Cavanagh will continue to portray a character in the series upcoming installment, but as to what character we've been kept in the dark. But thanks to executive producer Gabrielle Stanton, who has offered a new clue about where he’ll come from, we finally have some answers. To quote executive producer Gabrielle Stanton:

“Harrison Wells will be back, but he’s going to be a very different Harrison Wells than we’ve seen before,” Stanton tells TVLine. “We’ve got other worlds. We’ve got other timelines. All I’m going to say is he’s from one of those places.”

What can we learn from this cryptic quote?

For starters, we know now that Tom Cavanagh will be portraying a version of Harrison Wells very different from the first season, very being the key word there. In Season 1, we saw Wells in a wheelchair after a terrible car accident that killed his wife and paralyzed him. Later in the series, we learned that the accident was caused intentionally by Eobard Thawne, who came back in time to kill Barry Allen as kid and failed, costing him his speed force and stranding him in the present day. Once Eobard realized he no longer could tap into the speed force, his greatest enemy became his only hope for salvation, and so he set in motion the car accident to take over the persona and look of Dr. Wells. This gained him full access to STAR Labs, which Thawne used to create a particle accelator he knew would turn Barry into the Flash. Once Barry had access to the speed force, Thawne, still disguised as Wells in a wheel chair, manipulated every event of Barry's life to ensure he became the Flash he needed to get back to his time.

He turned everyone into a meta... except himself?
He turned everyone into a meta... except himself?

However, as all villains have seen, life happens while you're busy making other plans. The Eobard/Well's we saw in Season 1 was a puppeteer, pulling the strings of many people's lives to bend their actions to his will. But his control issues were his downfall. In episode 9 we learned Eobard/Wells was the Reverse-Flash, whom Barry knew only as the yellow streak that killed his mother. After the two collide in episode 9, Barry becomes focused on only one thing - getting faster. And this was exactly what Eobard wanted, as he needed Barry to run so fast he'd break the space-time continuum, allowing Eobard to get back to his time and Barry to save his mother. Unfortunately for Eobard, Barry never saved his mother, and, thanks to Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnette) shooting himself in the heart, Eobard ceased to exist. The side effect of Eobard's existence from that particular Earth being erased was the opening of a wormhole to the multiverse - where infinite other Earths, each one different from the next, reside.

So, Season 1, Wells (Eobard, really) started out as a cold, calculating villain with only one goal in mind; returning home. He had no problem murdering Wells' wife and him, taking his body, and then blowing up the particle accelerator that would forever alter the lives of the entire world. But as the season went on, we got to see Eobard/Wells grow to care for Barry, Caitlyn and Cisco, even telling Barry he is proud of him and Cisco that he is like a son to him. He no longer lusted to kill the Flash or destroy his future, but just wanted to return home. However, once that right was denied him by Barry returning from the past early and destroying Wells' time capsule, we saw his true colors show, saying he'd kill Barry, then all his friends, and then his father. He was, once again, out for blood.

Why did I just review the character traits of Dr. Wells from season beginning to end? Because, like Gabrielle said, Season 2 will be introducing a VERY different Harrison Wells. So expect him have few, if any, similarities to the Wells we met in Season 1. And let's not forget - we don't really know the real Dr. Wells, but rather, only Eobard Thawne disguised as Wells. And with other speedsters coming in like Jay Garrick, Wally West, Zoom and possibly more, it's hard to think that Dr. Well's will have any super speed abilities this time around. My best guess is that we will a more science and technology oriented Wells - sort of like what Felicity is to Team Arrow, but on steroids. I will be posting a full speculation for Season 2 of 'The Flash" later today, so keep checking in! And don't forget - if you enjoyed the article, click the recommend heart button and/or share it on your Facebook, Twitter, Etc.

'The Flash' stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash, Candice Patton as Iris West, Rick Cosnett as Eddie Thawne, Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow, Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon and Jesse L. Martin as Detective Joe West. The new season will see the addition of newcomers Violett Beane as the female speedster Jesse Quick, Demore Barnes as Tokamak, and Candyman himself Tony Todd as the voice of the new “big bad,” Zoom. The Flash is executive produced by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, David Nutter and Sarah Schechter.

The Flash will début its second season on Tuesday, October 6, 2015 at 8 p.m. EST.


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