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Kaitlyn Beckner

This is Katie Fx, a 23 year old horror loving, special fx artist from Boston Ma - and this is how she discovered her passion.

Growing up, I was always the artistic type. I fell in love with drawing and painting the minute I picked up my first crayon. In High School I studied photography - but I always wanted to find more creative outlets. In 2013 I attended my first ever convention, Pax East in Boston Ma. That was where I discovered the world of cosplay. Being able to create costumes and dress up as your favorite characters definitely seemed right up my alley. The thing is, I always seemed to lean towards the gory, spooky, horror-esque characters. Such as:

Lara Croft

Splicer from BIOSHOCK

And although I love creating costumes and dressing up, I was still itching to expand my creativity even more. That's when I discovered special fx make-up. At first I just started off using special fx to better my Lara Croft and Splicer costumes but then I realized I could be doing so much more! I love the magic of make-up, and being able to trick people into thinking I really sliced off my finger and they can't tell it's not real. Being a huge horror fan my entire life, I knew I found my calling.

Zombie Mouth

This zombie mouth was one of my most favorited.


Had a really bad knife accident.
"I want to eat your brains!"
Think maybe a couple of stitches will do?

I also started to dabble in the art of body painting and here are a few of the ones I've done!

"Harley Quinn, pleased to meetcha!"
"Round 1, FIGHT!"


Venom. One of my personal favorite villains, and most liked body paint.

I love to challenge myself and see what gross, gut wrenching things I can come up with next.

To see more of my work check me out on Instagram ( KatieFX ) and Facebook!

Thank you and stay spooky!


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