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How well do you know your Star Trek???

Here is a really interesting ‘nugget’ of trivia to test your knowledge.

In the true sense of going boldly "Where no man has gone before"… which prominent member of the original Star Trek television and film series cast, as a commissioned army lieutenant, took part in the invasion of Normandy at Juno Beach on D-Day.

Bravely taking out two enemy snipers and leading his company of men to higher ground through a field of anti-tank mines during the day.

Whilst crossing between command posts during the night, was hit by six rounds fired by a nervous ‘friendly’ sentry, four times in the leg, once in the chest and once through the right middle finger.

With the bullet to his chest prevented from being a fatal shot by a silver cigarette case and although having given up smoking later in life, is known to have stated that "smoking saved his life".


Was it???


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