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It's no secret that MMA fighter and all-around phenom Ronda Rousey is itching to break into Hollywood on a more permanent level lately, what with her campaigning hardcore to star in the Captain Marvel movie.

But while she may not have landed the superpowered role of her dreams, she has landed her first leading role in a fairly solid project.

According to Variety, Rousey has been tapped to star in the Road House remake that will start production next year. The original Road House, starring Patrick Swayze, came out in 1989 and became an instant cult classic, catapulting Swayze to fame. Variety also reports that Rousey, straightforward as she is, already reached out to Swayze's widow, Lisa Niemi, to get her blessing to move forward with the project.

This might be the perfect vehicle for Rousey. While lots of fans like the idea of her suiting up in the MCU as Carol Danvers, the bottom line is that her acting isn't at the level it needs to be. But headlining an action franchise could be right up Rousey's alley and turn her into a solid action star, the first legit female action star we've had in quite some time.

Check out Ronda in action in The Expendables 3, she might just have what it takes to become a true action movie powerhouse.

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