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With American Horror Story: Hotel quickly approaching, I thought it would be a treat to look back at the past four seasons of AHS and highlight the best scenes that Ryan Murphy has come to imagine.

Although many people enjoy criticizing the amazing work of art, American Horror Story has been one of my obsessions for the past 5 years. Granted not all seasons are equally as scary as one may imagine, I do appreciate each iteration for what they are and the tones they set as separate entities. Throughout the seasons, Ryan Murphy has hand-picked some of the most talented actors in Hollywood, including Jessica Lange, Angela Bassett, Sarah Paulson, and Evan Peters, and has given fame to many newcomers, such as Taissa Farmiga and Finn Wittrock. With storylines ranging from a haunted house, an insane asylum, a witches' coven, and a freakshow interwoven with themes of infidelity, racism, feminism, and familial relationships, one can only imagine what kinds of things we will be seeing in the fifth season which will be set in the fictional Cortez Hotel.

Not listed in any particular order, these next 20 scenes shocked, impressed, scared, and disheartened the American Horror Story audience.

1. Westfield High School Massacre, 1994 ("Piggy Piggy, S01E06)

By far the most intense scene of AHS: Murder House. I enjoyed the fact that the episode's introduction revolved around Tate and the "dead breakfast club" because it sets up the tone for the rest of the episode. You don't know whether to fear Tate or feel bad for him.

Memorable line: "Whyyyy?" -Cheerleader

2. Monsignor Timothy Howard kills Sister Mary Eunice, 1965 ("The Name Game", S02E10)

After having his celibacy taken away by the possessed Mary Eunice, the monsignor confronts the Devil and demands the innocent nun to be released from its demonic grip. Unfortunately, he refuses to leave her body so the Monsignor has no choice but to repent for his sins and save the Sister himself.

Memorable line: "I'm done with you and your sweet little nun. I'm about to devour the last morsel of her soul!" -Sister Mary Eunice

3. Myrtle Snow kills Cecily and Quentin, 2013 ("Head", S03E09)

After still feeling salty about being burned at the stake, Myrtle decides to seek revenge on the Witches' Council. Using monkshood, Myrtle paralyzes Pembroke and Quentin and uses the melon baller to scoop out an eye from each one. She later gives the two eyes to Cordelia so that she can see again.

Memorable line: "Anyway, I'm not going to kill you, well maybe after dessert. I put a lot of effort into the key lime pie." -Myrtle

4. Elsa Mars Says Bye to Pepper, 1952 ("Orphans", S04E10)

The entire episode is a build up of the history between Elsa and Pepper, so when they finally part ways, you cannot help but cry. Pepper is such an innocent soul so when the tears start rolling down their faces you'll be reaching for a tissue too.

Memorable Line: "Pepper is a gift! A soul so pure, it's rare in this world." -Elsa

5. Violet Harmon's Fate Revealed, 2011 ("Smoldering Children", S01E10)

When Violet tries to run away from Tate, she realizes she's unable to leave the Murder House. So Tate decides it's time to show her what really happened to her and why she's stuck in the house.

Memorable Lines:

Violet: "I died when I took all those pills."

Tate: "I tried to save you. I did. I tried to make you throw them up. You threw up some…not enough. You took so many, Violet. You died crying. I held you. You were safe. You died…loved."

6. Lana Winters Meets her Son Johnny Morgan, 2013 ("Madness Ends", S02E13)

The final episode where Lana comes face to face with Johnny who has been looking for her his entire life. She does what's needed to be done.

Memorable Line: "I always knew this day would come." -Lana

7. Marie Laveau Summons Zombies, 1961/2013 ("Fearful Pranks Ensue", S03E04)

The first time Marie Laveau summons the zombies she does so to revenge for a young boy who was sadly hung for attending a white-only school. At first I wasn't sure how to feel about seeing zombies in Coven, but it was a cool idea and I actually enjoyed seeing her perform the ritual. The second time she does it, it's so she can see Lalaurie suffer.

Memorable line: *Limbs ripped apart by zombies*

8. Anything with Twisty the Clown, 1952 ("Monsters Among Us", S04E01-Edward Mordrake, Pt 2", S04E04)

Yeah I know it's not a specific scene, but really any scene with Twisty was scary as shit! He had no lines, but just his creepy breathing is enough to give anyone nightmares. But, part two of the Halloween episode shows a different side to Twisty, the story behind the mask and what happened to him.

Memorable lines: *Stabs chest repeatedly*

9. Vivian Harmon Gives Birth, 2011 ("Birth", S01E11)

After months of worrying about the twins she's about to have, Vivian finally goes into labor but she's unable to make it to the hospital. Being forced to give birth in the house, Dr. Montgomery and the two nurses return to help the lady of the house. Sadly, one of the babies doesn't make it, and neither does Vivian. Meanwhile, Ben finally realizes what the house is.

Memorable line: Slaps face. "Snap out of it. The house is trying to help and right now you're in no position to refuse!" -Constance

10. Kit Walker tells Lana about Sister Jude's Fate, 1971 ("Madness Ends", S03E13)

Seeking an interview from Kit, Lana learns that Sister Jude is rescued by the once accused murderer and remains in his home with his son and daughter until she finally taken by Shachath. What really gets me in this scene is the bond the two children gain with the Jude. *Tears

Memorable line:

Shachath: "Jude, we've been doing this dance for so many years. Are you sure you're ready?"

Jude: "I'm sure. I'm ready now. Kiss me..."

11. Cordelia Foxx Tries to Get Her Powers Back, 2014 ("Protect the Coven", S03E11)

After many failed attempts at creating a potion that would restore her power of foresight, Cordelia decides it's time to take extreme measures. Seeing as she gained the power when she lost her eyesight, she uses the garden shears to stab her own eyes out. Not the best idea, but what does she have to lose?

Memorable Line: *Stabs herself in eyes* "AHHHHHH!!!"

12. Dell Toledo kills Ma Petite, 1962 ("Test of Strength", S04E07)

Ma Petite was probably my favorite character in this season, so to see someone so small and precious and fragile being hurt was one of the hardest things for me to deal with that season. Dell is blackmailed into helping Stanley 'recruit' one of the freaks for the Morbidity Museum, unfortunately Dell goes after the easiest target. Some strong man, pfft.

Memorable line: "Pretty! I can't wait to try it on." -Ma Petite


13. Constance Langdon talks to Addy Beyond the Grave, 2011 ("Piggy Piggy", S01E06)

This scene doesn't add much to the storyline but it's touching to see and hear how Constance really felt about Addy. Thank goodness Billie Dean can communicate with the dead.

Memorable line: "She says thank you, and that she knows. And that where she is, on the other side, she's a pretty girl at last." -Billie Dean Howard

14. Lana Winters Tries to Abort Thredson's Baby, 1964 ("Coat Hanger", S03E09)

Trying to gain evidence to prove that Dr. Thredson was really Bloodyface, Lana threatens to use a coat hanger to abort his baby. Oliver gives details about all the other murders he has committed. However, in this scene we find out that Lana attempted the abortion before talking to Oliver.

Memorable line: "This monster you planted inside of me, I'm getting rid of it. And since I'm stuck here, I'm going to have to get creative." -Lana Winters

15. Fiona Goode Summons Papa Legba, 2013 ("The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks", S03E10)

Looking for a way to beat her cancer, Fiona summons Papa Legba so that he can grant her immortality in exchnage for her soul and everlasting service. However, the deal is null and void because Fiona has no soul to exchange.

Memorable line: "I don’t give a donkey shit about title. I want only one thing: your soul." -Papa Legba about Fiona being the Supreme

16. Maggie is Sawed in Half, 1952 ("Show Stoppers", S04E12)

Sure she showed remorse for infiltrating the freakshow and conspiring to kill the freaks, but, to be honest, the bitch had it coming! I have a sort of love/hate relationship with Emma Roberts as an actress, but needless to say this was one of her defining scenes this season. Maggie said wanted a spot in the show--too bad karma came back real quick!

Memorable line: "Steal her jewelry. And bury the bitch." -Desiree

17. Rubberman's Identity is Revealed, 2010 ("Rubberman", S01E08)

For the majority of the season, the audience wonders who was the man in the rubber suit that Vivian has sex with. In this scene, we are taken to the Murder House when Chad and Patrick are the homeowners. We find out where the suit comes from, and who's the one behind the mask. This person kills the gay couple and eventually rapes Vivian.

Memorable line: "Chad, depressing sex is even more depressing when you try so hard." -Patrick

18. Bloody Face's Identity is Revealed, 1964 ("The Origins of Monstrosity", S02E06)

Although we find out who Bloody Face really is in the episode before, "The Origins of Monstrosity" explains how Thredson came to be a serial murderer and his fixation with young women. We get to see where he commits his crimes, and what he does with the women's skin.

Memorable line: "You can scream all you want, no one will hear you. Obviously the basement is soundproof. Believe me, girls with bigger sets of lungs than yours have tried before." -Oliver Thredson

19. The Coven attempts the Seven Wonders, 2013 ("The Seven Wonders", S03E13)

Telekinesis. Concilium. Pyrokinesis. Divination. Transmutation. Vitalum Vitalis. Descensum. The Seven Wonders are attempted and we get to see each girl fail or succeed at each one. Even though it's pretty obvious who the next Supreme would be, it's still interesting to see the girls do each power. RIP Misty Day

Memorable line: "You're not that good an actress." -Kyle to Madison


20. The Freaks confront Stanley, 1964 ("Show Stoppers", S04E12)

The opening scene of the episodes, and we see a tribute to the Freaks!--the inspiration for the season. The scene pretty much plays out like that of the movie. The freaks pretend to celebrate 'Richard Spencer' but instead give him a gift that causes him to realize what's really going on. It's raining and the freaks chase Stanley around the Freakshow grounds. We don't see what happens to Stanley until the end of the episode but Stanley definitely got what he deserved!

Memorable line: "They take their revenge out on her, with guns and knives." -Amazon Eve about the movie Freaks!--oh the irony!

Well there you have it. Leave your comments below, and thank you for reading!


Which season contains your favorite scene from American Horror Story?


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