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Hey everyone,

I am back for Day 2 of the 5 Day Movie Challenge. This time... 'A Motivational Movie'...

When I was given this list, I could not wait to get my teeth into it. However, it's Day 2 and I am struggling! I don't watch many motivational movies, and the ones that motivate me are weird such as The Mummy (because I want to fight monsters), or Tomb Raider (because I believe I am Lara Croft deep down) - so, not traditionally motivational movies.

I wracked my brains.

Finally... I decided on a movie that always makes me feel like I can do anything.

That movie is... 8 Mile.

If you haven't seen 8 Mile, it is a movie about an aspiring rapper from a bad area that can be tough to escape. It stars Eminem, amongst many other awesome people.

I remember being hesitant about seeing Eminem acting. I love his music, but acting is such a different kettle of fish.

However, he is great in this movie!

This is a fairly gritty (but not too much), and interesting drama. I would highly recommend it.

The main song throughout is 'Lose Yourself',which, if you listen to Eminem, you should be familiar with.

This song is motivational by itself, without the accompanying storyline. So the combination works well to make a very empowering movie.

Everytime I watch this movie, I think I am a rap goddess and I will make it one day... sadly, I am not good at rapping but if this movie can make me think I am then it MUST be one of the most motivational movies ever.

So, get your 'gangsta' hat on, and watch this movie.

We can start a rap-band after you've been motivated, if you want!

So - what movies motivate you?

Let me know in the comments!

Also, join in the challenge!!!

See the day plan below;

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Day two: a motivational movie

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