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Alisha Grauso

During his decade-long run anchoring The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert became known for many trademarks, one of them being the visible props on set that he referred to and often used in the show, turning them from mere decoration into extensions of his real personality hiding under the blowhard persona he cultivated for the show.

But his most iconic, and most regularly featured, was the Captain America shield. It had a long and storied history, with Marvel CCO Joe Quesada presenting it to him as it had been reportedly willed to Colbert by Steve Rogers himself in the event of his "death". The shield had originally been held by longtime Marvel editor, the late Mark Gruenwald, then passed into the hands of editor Tom Brevoort, where it eventually passed to Colbert. So important was it to Colbert that he even rode off with it into the sunset on his finale episode of The Colbert Report.

But fans will be ecstatic to know that the geek beacon within Colbert will shine just as brightly on The Late Show as it ever did on The Colbert Report, with Colbert taking Cap's shield and placing it in a prominent position of honor on his new set for The Late Show. He even made a point to draw the audience's attention to it as one of his most prized possessions.

I was among those who mourned the end of The Colbert Report, my heart breaking a little bit at the thought of Colbert abandoning his eviscerating and brilliant political satire in order to lob softball questions at pampered celebrities. But with Cap's shield firmly in place, it gives me hope that this is a new era for The Late Show, a smarter, nerdier, more relatable one. What about you?


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