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There is probably not a franchise alive right now that is creating as much success as the Marvel Cinematic Universe is. I'm going to bring to you an alternate reality where there are no Marvel movies. No Fox Marvel. No Sony Marvel. Marvel has the rights to use all of their characters and are starting from scratch. I am going to present to you some casting choices for these potential future Marvel movies.

(Note: I am going to try to bring all new casting choices, this does not mean I don't absolutely love Robert Downey, Jr. as Iron Man or Chris Evans as Captain America)

(Also Note: This does not mean it is entirely impossible for MCU actors to appear here as different characters)

Spider-Man/Grant Gustin

The first movie in the MCU would naturally be their most iconic superhero and that is Spider-Man. Ever since I saw Grant Gustin on Arrow I thought that he would be the perfect Peter Parker. Gustin is a young looking actor, and he can play the geek to a tee (as seen on The Flash).

Captain America/Scott Eastwood

I think Chris Evans is the perfect choice for Captain America and can not really picture a recast. However, one has to happen in this scenario and I think that Scott Eastwood is the perfect candidate. He is slowly building up his acting resume with movies such as Fury, The Longest Ride, and Suicide Squad. He also has the perfect look to portray a potential Steve Rogers

Iron Man/Colin Farrell

This one was really hard to recast because Robert Downey, Jr. is as much Tony Stark as Tony Stark is RDJ. That being said, I think Colin Farrell is next best option. Farrell looks the part and definitely does not need any defending of his acting skills.

Wolverine/Phil "CM Punk" Brooks

Now this one would be a wildcard because CM Punk really has not acted in a TV show or movie. However, being a professional wrestler takes a bit of acting and he has always been great at delivering on the microphone and selling his emotion. He also has the look. He looks a bit older than the rest of the heroes, but still looks like can beat anyone in front of him. All he would have to do is bulk up and cover up the tattoos. It would be taking a chance, but remember, Robert Downey, Jr. was considered a risk back when they made Iron Man.

Mr. Fantastic/Tom Cavanagh

I've done a fancast on the Fantastic Four before, so I won't explain most of their inclusions on here. I just think Cavanagh is a perfect Earth-616 Reed Richards.

Invisible Woman/Malin Akerman

Thing/Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Human Torch/Zac Efron

I saved this FF member last because I actually changed this one from my original FF fancast (I had Lucas Till who is still a good choice). I just think Efron would be a better fit for the Torch. He's a young, attractive guy who has proven to be able to play the arrogant college kid in Neighbors.

Thor/Charlie Hunnam

This was another hard one to recast since Chris Hemsworth literally is Thor, however, Charlie Hunnam is a good candidate as well. I'm obviously not the only who thought so since the Sons of Anarchy actor actually screen tested for the part.

The Hulk/Johnny Galecki

Obviously this is more of a Bruce Banner casting than the Hulk himself (seeing as Hulk would be CGI). I think Johnny Galecki would be the perfect choice for Banner. He's a small guy, who can obviously play a nerdy scientist as seen in The Big Bang Theory. Fans may kill me for saying this, but I think he could potentially be a better Banner than Mark Ruffalo. There I said.

Cyclops/Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer would be an excellent choice for Cyclops. Bomer is a very diverse actor doing projects ranging from White Collar to In Time to Magic Mike. Not only that, but he has the look. He looks like Scott Summers. Imagine a visor over that picture of Matt Bomer and it is literally Cyclops.

Jean Grey/Anna Kendrick

Overall, I think Anna Kendrick has what it takes to play Jean Grey. When the X-Men started out, she was portrayed more of as a "girl next door." Anna Kendrick is the definition of girl next door. She can hold her own as an actress and I think she would look okay next to Matt Bomer's Cyclops (or CM Punk's Wolverine?).

Iceman/Lucas Till

Yes, that's right. My old choice for Johnny Storm is my new Bobby Drake. I just think Lucas Till is a great choice for a young hero like Iceman. He portrayed Havok previously in FOX's X-Men: First Class, however that movie doesn't exist in this reality so why not use his talents as Iceman?

Angel/Armie Hammer

Angel is another pretty boy. In the comics, Angel was a wealthy mutant with charming good looks to match. Armie Hammer is a very handsome young man and has the acting chops to match as seen in The Man from UNCLE. Don't hold The Lone Ranger against him.

Beast/Karl Urban

Karl Urban is one of the greatest actors today. He's been in hits such as The Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, and Riddick among others. He would be an excellent choice to play both the human looking, big footed brainiac Hank McCoy, and the big blue, equally as intelligent Beast.

Professor X/Terry O'Quinn

This is another one where it's hard to imagine anyone else in the role of Professor X except Patrick Stewart. However, Lost's Terry O'Quinn is the closest thing other than Stewart to being Charles Xavier. Just look at him. He's more than just a spitting image though. O'Quinn definitely has the acting chops to pull this off. This rounds out our X-Men with their first movie being just the original first class with the inclusion of Wolverine because you have to have Wolverine nowadays.

Ant-Man/Neil Patrick Harris

In this universe, Ant-Man and Wasp are founding members of the Avengers and are introduced in the first Avengers movie. NPH would be playing Hank Pym (much younger than Michael Douglas' Hank Pym. Neil Patrick Harris has proven he can play a serious role, as seen in Gone Girl, but he can also play up the necessary comedic elements as seen in many projects such as How I Met Your Mother.

Wasp/Anne Hathaway

Say what you want about Anne Hathaway, but I think she can act. Also, when she cut her hair she looked a lot like Janet Van Dyne. I also think Hathaway would play off of Neil Patrick Harris really well in the Avengers together. She can definitely capture that plucky spirit that is Janet Van Dyne.

Nick Fury/Hugh Laurie

Nick Fury is a controversial role to cast. I almost didn't consider including him, but he is too important of a character not to. I've mentioned before this is based on the original Marvel 616 universe. Nick Fury, for the longest time, has been a grizzled old white man. Hugh Laurie would excel in this role. He is a very talented actor. The House star would bring a whole new dynamic to the role.

Green Goblin/Hugo Weaving

That's right it's time for the bad guys. If I had to pick someone new to portray Norman Osborn, I think Hugo Weaving would be the best fit. We saw him in the original MCU play the Red Skull perfectly and I think he could bring that same flavor to Norman Osborn.

Red Skull/Christoph Waltz

We just used the old Red Skull to portray Osborn, but I think Christoph Waltz could be an excellent Skull. He's amazing at playing the bad guy. He is an amazing actor, and I don't know what else I can say because Waltz is just that good of an actor.

Loki/Jared Leto

I'm not going to lie, a big part of this fan casting was because of his casting as Joker in Suicide Squad. That's not a bad thing, though. This proves that Leto is capable of playing a dark and sadistic villain. That's exactly what Loki is. I loved Tom Hiddleston as Loki and this was another hard one to do.

Mandarin/Ken Watanabe

Ken Watanabe is immediately a better choice than Ben Kingsley. Although Kingsley is a great actor, he isn't Asian. The Mandarin should be played by an Asian actor. He should also actually be the Mandarin. He's done great movies such as Batman Begins and Godzilla as well.

Dr. Doom/Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm can play almost anything well. The Mad Men star would bring new life to an iconic Marvel villain that has just never been done justice on screen. He was okay in the first FF movie, and was just awful in the last one. Jon Hamm is an established actor as well, and I know he would be a great adversary for the Fantastic Four or any other superhero he goes up against.

Magneto/Donald Sutherland

The last one on this list is Donald Sutherland playing the dastardly Magneto. Sutherland has proven over the years that he can play the bad guy. Just watch The Hunger Games franchise and you'll see what I mean. Ian McKellan is almost irreplaceable as old Magneto, but the X-Men need a villain!

So there you have it. We have a complete phase 1 of a revamped MCU. We have our wall crawler, our Avengers, the FF, and the X-Men with villains to boot. Most of the big names at Marvel have been cast.

Leave a comment below letting me know your opinions and maybe I'll do a phase 2!


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