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The anticipation for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is steadily getting bigger and bigger as each day passes by. Fans cannot absolutely wait for this film to release in theaters and enjoy the epic spectacle this movie has the potential to unload. We have had tons of great comic book films over the years going from The Dark Knight, Avengers 1&2, Man of Steel and Winter Solider. It is a debate between fans on which movie is the greatest comic book film of all time between The Dark Knight and The Avengers. But the question is, could Batman vs. Superman end up being the best comic book film of all time? My article will be explaining why it just might ending the case.


Regardless if your excited for this movie or not, you cannot deny that this movie anticipation is blowing through the roof. This is no doubt one of the biggest movies of 2016 if not the biggest. If you don't believe me look at all the constant theories, speculation, supposed plot leaks and rumors that have been about this film. When the last time honestly you have seen a movie this talked about(other than Star Wars: The Force Awakens) like this? I bet you will have a hard time coming up with an answer. The hype for this movie is insane and when 2016 finally arrives, get ready to ride the hype train for BvS come March 25th.

Cinematic History

This movie is literally movie history in the making. This will be the first time ever that Batman and Superman will be appearing in the same movie together in live-action. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!!. Fans like me have been waiting for this their whole lives and the fact that it actually happening still blows my mind to this day. Oh and let's not forget our beloved Wonder Woman, as this will be her first ever live-action appearance for the first time ever as well.

The next Dark Knight?

Many have credited The Dark Knight for changing the superhero film genre. Batman vs. Superman could possibly end up reinventing the genre again as well. The way that the story is being told sets up alot and it could either be a huge successful and end up being something special or a complete disaster and a total flop amongst fans and critics alike. But from what we've seen from the film and what we're hearing about it looks like it gonna hold up well and be a successful film. An earlier report stated that WB got a screening for the film and gave it a "standing ovation"(even though that doesn't hold much weight because it there film) and were impressed with the final product. Now we all Zack Snyder has a history for making films that look pretty but sometimes lack substance but with Man of Steel he was able to find something. Even though Man of Steel was a divisive film among fans and critics alike, to this day people are still talking about it and arguing it merits. As much as i loved Man of Steel i always felt something was missing about it. If Zack Snyder is able to put all the pieces together with Batman vs. Superman, then potentially we could have a special film on our hands and get people talking about it for a very long time. Will Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice be another Dark Knight? March 25th will give us our answers.

Box Office

The movie has the potential to smash box office records and be a grand slam. At this point a billion is almost guarantee, but can it go further? This type of movie is what we call an "event film" and usually movies like these have a big gathering and take in loads of cash. Now Jurassic Park broke numerous records and is currently the third highest-grossing film of all time taking over The Avengers spot. Now with Batman vs. Superman you have to add in many key factors. It a superhero film, first time ever Batman and Superman are on the big screen together and the day it releases has absolutely zero competition. And add in if Batman vs Superman has good word of mouth then more people will want to check the film out for itself. The marketing for this movie is gonna ramp up highly so expect numerous promotions like trailers, television spots, merchandise and etc. Add in all these factors and you could have one of the top five highest grossing films of all time on your hands. But ultimately critical reception will dictate this movie earnings.

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Will Batman vs Superman be the greatest comic book film ever?


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