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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

I caught an early screening of the [Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials](tag:1142567) thanks to Moviepilot, and I thought the film was way too awesome! The acting and action were top notch, especially from Dylan O'Brien. One of the promising young actors on the rise today, O'Brien continues to grow as an actor and it definitely showed in Scorch Trials. A little known fact about Dylan is that he actually does his own stunts! It is definitely a dangerous job, but these actors put their lives on the line to give us the most authentic action experience possible!

8. Stephen Amell

Rising to stardom with his role as Oliver Queen on Arrow, Stephen Amell never fails to impress when it comes to his action sequences. Amell is the man behind the stunts in every episode of Arrow as he is a master in parkour. Some of the things that Amell is able to do is inhuman and it takes incredible physical strength to pull it off. Amell is perfect for any kind of action role and I'm sure there is no stunt he can't handle!

7. Daniel Craig

The perfect modern day James Bond, Daniel Craig does all of his own stunt work! If you have seen any of the latest 007 films, then you will know how tall of a task it must be to perform some of the insane things James Bond has done over the years! From fighting on a train to repelling down a building, Daniel Craig does it all. Daniel Craig's willingness to put his life on the line for the sake of a scene is what puts him over the top as a Bond actor.

6. Jason Statham

Jason Statham has cemented his status as one of Hollywood's premier badasses! Every film, whether it's Death Race, The Expendables, and especially The Transporter, brought along some top notch action courtesy of Jason Statham. I was surprised to find out that Jason actually does the majority of his own stunts! Many of the scenes, especially from Expendables, are extremely dangerous for anyone to perform. While filming one of the Expendable films, Terry Crews shared that Jason actually almost died when his stunt, which involved jumping out of a moving truck, went wrong and Statham ended up under water! Don't think that just because it is a movie, it isn't real; Jason Statham is a real badass!

5. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is surprisingly another actor who does his own stunts! When you think of a stereotypical stunt man you think of a big, bulky, beast of a man. Tom Cruise breaks that mold and actually gives us some pretty awesome action sequences. Mission: Impossible is known for getting pretty creative with their action and Tom Cruise does a great job at executing them. Some of the things that Cruise has done are pretty dangerous, such as speeding around on motorcycles or repelling down a building. Tom Cruise definitely puts his life on the line solely for our entertainment.

4. Angelina Jolie

Full disclosure, I always had a bit of a celeb crush on Angelina Jolie. When I found out that she performs her own stunts, I loved her even more! Even though they weren't well received critically, the Tomb Raider films have always contained some quality action sequences and it is amazing that Jolie did many of those sequences herself. One of the most fun movies to watch action wise has to be Mr. and Mrs. Smith, especially when her and Brad Pitt had the huge battle in their house! Angelina is a real badass and definitely a top notch female action star!

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger

The former bodybuilder, Governor of California, and everlasting badass, Arnold Schwarzenegger should surprise nobody when he says that he preforms the majority of his own stunts. The main reason being that it is nearly impossible to find a double that looks similar to Arnie. Everything from jumping from a plane, falling from a 40-foot tower, and even wrestling a live wolf are some of the things Arnold has done throughout his career. Being a bodybuilder, physical stunts should come pretty natural to him, if only balancing California's budget was that easy. (JOKE)

2. Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan has always been one of my favorite actors! Ever since my first time watching The Drunken Master, I was instantly a fan of his creative Martial Arts style. Jackie Chan is an actor that is actually pretty well-known for doing a lot of his own stunt work. Chan is an actual master of Martial Arts and a lot of his action scenes usually involve using that skill in a very creative way. Everything from jumping across rooftops, jumping out of windows, or swinging from a flag, Jackie Chan has done it all and it is pretty awesome to watch!

1. Dylan O'Brien

Dylan O'Brien, the crowned prince of Hollywood at the moment, puts in a lot of effort to give fans the most authentic action sequences he can. O'Brien believes in doing as many of his own stunts that he possibly can - and boy, does he prepare for them. His workout regimen is insane, naturally. It has to in order to do some of the things he has done on-screen. Teen Wolf and both Maze Runner films are perfect examples of O'Brien putting his pristine skills to work. Being so young, it's amazing the things that this kid is able to do. Any movie he pops up in instantly interests me for this reason (and many others).

From Dylan O'Brien to Statham and the Gov'na, these actors are dedicated to their craft!

All the actors on this list put their body on the line and really go the extra mile to bring us an awesome movie experience. We should all appreciate the risk that they pose themselves against and realize how dangerous their roles can really be. Some actors have lost their lives performing their own stunts even, so we should really cherish an actors willingness to bring us that type of authentic performance.

Make sure to catch Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials September 18th


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