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Trevor Thomson
Still think Penny is a bitch (Leonard could do better), and Bernie isn't far behind. Also Raj no longer practices his mutism and Howard's mom died. What really bothers me about most Chuck Lorre sitcoms that I've watched long term is their cynicism. I made it through Two and a Half Men most of the way through, but there were times were I was a bit depressed by the conduct of the characters. BBT has those moments too. Part of the reason I kinda lost interest in the show is because my Dad became fascinated with it and CONSTANTLY watched repeats, which BTW, the show became syndicated way too soon. I think I missed most of the last season, so I don't know where things currently stand on the series. I do wish they would make Raj's pseudo-girlfriend, the hot redhead Emily, a regular part of the show. But they established early on in her first appearances that she and Penny hate each other (can't say I blame her), and though they backed away from it, there were constant innuendo jokes about him and Howard being gay. So even though she has made an appearance here and there, it seems like the creators aren't interested in making her a regular. Could have to do with actress wages, but who knows? I guess what I'm saying is that I'm burned out by the whole thing, and find plenty of things to dislike enough to not stay invested. And it hasn't even been on for 10 years yet...

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