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Many 'Wonder Woman' fans have been long awaiting the return for the popular female superhero on-screen for a great collection of years. This time, Wonder Woman will be getting her very own standalone film, after she hopefully makes an astonishing debut in the upcoming film "[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870)".

After Michelle MacLaren left the director's chair for the film, there has been a lot of speculation floating around on who will take up the job; and if they're possibly still heading for a female director.

Wonder Woman is expected to hit theaters most-likely by the year '2017', and 'Justice League' is set to begin filming next year, some time in January. Since 'Wonder Woman' will be released around the same time, one might ask, when will the film begin production?

All of these questions were just recently answered by producer Deborah Snyder (Zack Snyder's wife). Snyder shedded light on both subjects at the panel for the "See Jane Salon Power to Greenlight" event.

Sticking to a female director?

Snyder officially confirmed in the panel that "Monster" director 'Patty Jenkins' has been chosen to fill the role of 'director' for the upcoming film. Snyder was looking for a director that will portray 'Wonder Woman' the precise way they imagined on-screen as she explained here:

“We still wanted a female director and we found Patty Jenkins, who had the right vision, the same vision that we had for the character.”

It in fact seems that the vision Snyder had in mind will make it to the big screen and may possibly make Wonder Woman the greatest female superhero this generation will ever lay their eyes on!

Production is set to start when?

Wonder Woman is expected to begin production in only two months! Yeah, that's this November!

With Gal Gadot playing the lead role, this film will put a whole new look on the portrayal of female superheroes on-screen. Snyder also announced along with the production date, that they're hiring as many female crew for the film as they possibly can!

"And we're really happy to be going into production in November and it's been a really great process. We tried to hire as many female people on the crew as possible."

Check out a clip of the panel right here!

And also see Wonder Woman make her debut in the "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" trailer!

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" flies into theaters March 25, 2016, and "Wonder Woman" is set to release in June 23rd, 2017 starring Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor!

What do you think about Gal Gadot being Wonder Woman? Do you think Snyder made a right pick for the new director? Are you excited for the upcoming film? Comment down below!


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