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We all wish Superheroes were real and some wish that Villains were too. Here are the ones that would have complete control of everything if they really existed.

The Flash

So first we have The Flash. With the ability to run faster than light itself he could easily capture everyone in no time.

We see above Flash suggests he can clear out the people in Tokyo in 30 seconds, before the city is submerged in water. Imagine if he wanted to capture everyone. Obviously he wouldn't have any trouble doing so.

Dr. Doom

Now we have Dr. Doom. Since Dr. Doom has had experience leading his own country and even an entire planet, he could enslave everyone without breaking a sweat.

Yep that's it. Dooms own Country and it's defenses. With all the experience and knowledge he has it would be impossible for any mortal to stand up to him. Not to mention one of Dooms actual goals is to rule the world.

Iron Man

The one man army knows as Iron Man is another hero that I think could easily overpower us all. Having countless suits at his aid, Iron Man could surely use those to his advantage. Oh and our defenses? Haha, not a problem.

wait for it...




Next person we have here is Ultron. For obvious reasons Ultron could enslave everyone easily. Being known to have taken out the Avengers and completely taking over the world in the comics, he would indeed do the same to us. With his adamantium body, nothing we throw his way would damage or phase him in the slightest. This is pretty much how the world would look after he was done with it.

Green Lantern

Now we have Green Lantern. With the power to create anything with his ring, it's guaranteed he could take over the world with ease. Since any and everything he can create is impossible to break by just us humans, Green Lantern would have no trouble getting through our defenses. This would be the outcome no doubt.

The Reverse Flash

Pretty much the evil version of the Flash, the Reverse Flash could do everything and more. Being known to move so fast that even Wally West can't see him, he could pretty much enslave everyone before we even knew what was going on. Scary right? Even Jay Garrick mistakes him for an invisible enemy.


Here we have Magneto. Normally all Magneto wants is Mutant freedom. In this case he wants the world and no doubt he would get it. With the power to control any and all types of metal, Magneto could enslave us in our own homes if he wanted to. Defenses aren't a problem since all of it is some form of metal. Not to mention he can even control the iron in our blood. Good luck humanity.


And the final person we have is the famous Wolverine. With his amazing healing factor and adamantium laced skeleton, there is literally nothing we could do to this guy. He could take everything we throw at him no matter the damage. Not to mention his beserker rage. Oh yeah and he survived this..


Agree with my list?

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