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There have been a lot of rumors about [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) in the past few months. Some of them have been discarded, while others have been taken into serious consideration. It has been hard to keep track of all these rumors, but some of them are very, very interesting. So what is this post is about? Well, I am going to take on the 5 biggest rumors about Civil War and give them a possibility rating. There is a possibility that you have heard of all of these rumors and this is not new information. Let's get started!


Are you team Cap or team Iron Man?

#1. The Black Widow double agent rumor!

When I first saw the promo art revealing that Romanoff is team Iron Man, I was astonished. She and Cap bonded so well in The Winter Soldier that I really couldn't believe it. I really thought that Hawkeye would be on team Iron Man. I mean, he wants to keep his family safe and we now know that the plot has nothing to do with secret identities. He just came across to me as team Stark. I do think that there is a good chance that Black Widow is a double agent. I felt even stronger about that idea after this dialogue between Romanoff and Barton in the trailer:

Romanoff: We're still friends, right?
Barton: Depends on how hard you hit me.

It just seems too cheesy for that to be said while they are fighting. Overall, this is the rumor I feel strongest about.

Possibility Rating: 3/5

#2. The Red Hulk rumor!

The Red Hulk is a VERY fun character. The problem is he would be VERY expensive to put in a movie. It would take a whole lot of CGI to pull it off. I could see them putting him in one scene, but I think they would be better off saving him for phase 4. He is the type of character that would bring in more audiences. So that means Marvel would have to put his one scene in the trailer just to gain the attention of general audiences. He needs a solo movie or an Avengers movie where he is in the whole thing.

Possibility Rating: 1/30

3. The Wasp cameo rumor!

The Wasp got introduced in the mid-credits scene of Ant-Man. I, personally, am very excited for this character. Her suit looks awesome and Evangeline Lilly is a great actress. Her popping up in Civil War though, Kevin Feige thinks not. He told Slasher in an interview:

“It’s a good question, and it will certainly be in phase three. Where exactly in phase three I’m not sure, but it won’t be in Civil War.”

For the people out there still hoping to see the Wasp pop up next May, I don't think Mr. Feige is gonna lie.

Possibility Rating: 1/1,000,000

#4. Quicksilver....... really, guys?

He is freaking dead.

Possibility Rating: It will never happen.

#5. The Captain America dies rumor!

If Marvel stays true to the comics, Captain America will die in the movie. If they don't however, he will probably live to see the credits roll. It would make sense if he did die, because Bucky is there to pick up the shield. At least until Dr. Strange uses the soul gem in Infinty War part 2. Yeah, think about that for a second. Okay, your second is over, moving on. I do think that Cap will not be Cap after this movie. He will either die or retire.

Possibility Rating: 1/2

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