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I do consider myself a TV Junkie. At least, I did. It took the 5 Day TV Challenge to really make me sit down and consider what I have been storing on my DVR over the last few years. Today's challenge was to reveal a show that we are embarrassed to have never seen.

Truth is, when I started going down the list of the most talked about, or popular shows of the last ten years, I realized I have watched pretty much all of them. If I didn't, it was because the premise just didn't interest me.

Then I remembered. There was one that did sit on my DVR for months. I kept saying, "I'm going to watch this. I am excited to watch this." Of course, there was always one excuse or another, but I never did get to watch 'Better Call Saul'.

Why This Is Embarrassing For Me to Admit...

Jonathan Banks, Bob Odenkirk
Jonathan Banks, Bob Odenkirk

I really loved 'Breaking Bad', and Saul Goodman and Mike Ehrmantraut were some of my favorite characters. It's rare that I get really hyped over a new show, but when the news came out that they were going to craft their origin story, I got a bit giddy.

I waited for months, and read every article or piece of news about the show. February couldn't have come soon enough. But I never watched. Every episode taped to the DVR, and I never pressed play. Eventually they just weren't there any more. I don't have a good excuse except for that life just got busy, and my TV schedule was over-flowing.

So, I will wait until AMC marathons it and finally get to watch the show I had been waiting for, but embarrassingly forgot to watch. I suspect that sometime next year a new TV Challenge will be evoked and Better Call Saul will end up on my latest binged list.

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