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Batman might be the leader of the Justice League... but whose side is he really on?

Unbeknownst to his trusting colleagues, the bat has been scheming. He has a plan to make sure he can take out everyone when the time comes.

Plastic Man
Plastic Man

Plastic Man is one of the most powerful entities on the entire planet. His powers have nearly infinite possibilities. He can change his shape, size, color, density and much more when it comes to his body. He is basically immortal and nearly invincible.

Batman has decided that when the time comes the best way to take out Plastic Man would be to freeze his body with liquid nitrogen. After that it's all a matter of what the Bat desires to do with him.

J'onn J'onzz
J'onn J'onzz

The Martian Manhunter is very strong. So strong that killing Superman would be a simple task for the Martian. He can easily fry Superman's brain with his telepathic skills or avoid Superman's attacks by becoming intangible.

J'onn J'onzz has one weakness and that is fire. The Bat is looking into a strong nanite virus infused with magnesium which exposed to oxygen can cause his skin to combust into flame.

One ring to rule them all.
One ring to rule them all.

The Green Lantern's ring is also one of the most powerful tools in the universe. It is only limited to the wearer's imagination and can only be separated when the wearer has perished.

Batman must have seen the movie Inception because he could not have come up with the idea (lol) himself. The wearer of the ring must be able to see their creation for it to work. For Batman's theory to work some sort of hypnosis might be required. Batman suggests the notion of implanting an idea into their mind that they are blind... and the ring would make them blind... hence rendering them useless.

Diana a.k.a Wonderwoman
Diana a.k.a Wonderwoman

Diana is also very powerful. She is gifted by Demeter with strength; Athena with wisdom; Aphrodite with beauty; Hestia gave her a bond with fire; Hermes gave her speed and the power of flight.

Batman is doing research on neural/virtual reality technology in order to inject her in an unending cycle of combat with an adversary of exact equal prowess. This will lead her to be caught in the loop forever, or die of exhaustion.


Superman is iconic as one of the most powerful superheroes. He is just strong.

However, his weakness lies in two things:

  • Magic
  • Kryptonite

Batman has Kryptonite stored in a vault ready to be used at any point.

So why does Batman have plans to destroy his closest comrades?

He is planning for a time when any of them may go rogue. So of course he also has a plan for himself.

Since the Bat is only human the best way to take him down would be to distract him. His parents are the best way as is his endless crusade to protect innocent people, particularly if it is friends or family.

For more information please check out Batman's contingency plan video!


Is this a necessary evil?


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