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Mathew McConaughey was just another actor. He was most famous for his rom coms. And it took many years of hard work to earn some credibility with fans and critics a-like. And than, 2014 happened. And he won an Oscar. And it was a movement.

I got to thinking about a few other actors that are not getting as much credit as they deserve. Some actors that take the heat for bad movies that were definitely not their fault.

Here is four actors that can use a McConaughessance!

Zac Efron

He got his big break in the Disney Channel movie, High School Musical films. And he instantly became a teen heartthrob. And he has never quite shaken that tag.

After High School Musical, he continued to take on roles in family movies or rom coms. If he isn't staring in 17 Again, you could find him in The Lucky One, Charlie St. Cloud, New Year's Eve, or That Awkward Moment. And his latest movie, We Are Your Friends, will be known more for being one of the biggest bombs in movie history than anything else. But scattered and sprinkled in between all those films are some gems.

Zac as Link Larkin
Zac as Link Larkin

Between the first two High School Musicals, Efron took on the role of Link in the movie adaption of Hairspray. It was a critically acclaimed movie and he got praise for his role. The first movie he did after HS 3 was a small movie, Me and Orson Welles. If you haven't seen it, you get a glimpse at his acting chops because he has them. He can also make you laugh. Just look at his turn in Neighbors.

He seems to be on the right track. He currently has three comedies scheduled for 2016. He has Neighbors 2. A road trip comedy with Robert De Niro called Bad Grandpa. And he will play Adam DeVine's brother in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza also happens to be in the last one.

Zac Efron is a talented guy who has made bad choices with his movie career. He can act and he can make you laugh. If he shakes off the teen heartthrob imagine, he can have a very successful career.

Michael B. Jordan

When someone hears the name Michael B. Jordan, they probably will think of The Fantastic Four remake. And that is fair. That is not a good movie. And it is far from the only dud Jordan has had. I will once again bring up That Awkward Moment. However, he has had some great ones as well.

I brought up one of his superhero movies, so let me bring up the other: Chronicle. He wasn't the break out star of that film. He wasn't even the main character. But he left an impression. His take on the popular kid who gains powers was great. And Jordan gained critical acclaim for his starring role in Fruitville Station. Some even argued that he deserved to be nominated for an Oscar.

His biggest movie coming up is Creed. He will play Apollo Creed's son in the Rocky sequel/spin-off. The role should get his name out there in a much more critical acclaimed role than his turn as Johnny Storm.

Jordan isn't signed on for anything else, though he is in talks and/or being eyed for a few things. Like a vampire buddy cop film or a Def Jam biopic. Either way, if Jordan can avoid anymore Fantastic Fours, he is on the right track to succeed in acting.

Dave Franco

Dave is the younger brother of James Franco. So not only does he have to make his mark on Hollywood, he has to live up to his brother. And he is doing a pretty good job.

Dave has avoided, for the most part, a big bomb. He did have Unfinished Business earlier this year. Good thing is, almost no one saw that film. The only problem for him is getting noticed.

For most of his career, Dave has been a supporting character. He was the popular drug dealer in 21 Jump Street. He was Efron's best friend in Neighbors. He did land the role of one of the four horseman in Now You See Me, but he was far from the star in that. He never really has had his chance to shine. Though he did have a memorable cameo in 22 Jump Street.

Dave doesn't have that many movies coming up. He is currently filming Neighbors 2. But I fully believe he is just one staring role away from true stardom.

Robert Pattinson

Yeah, I know. He is the "vampire guy". He was in Twilight. How could he ever be taken seriously?

Well let me tell you, he absolutely can be. Pattinson has been taking the opportunity, post Twilight, to learn to be an actor. He has taken smaller movies after smaller movie to try and get better. And to get away from Twilight.

Pattinson's roles in Rover and Maps to the Stars have earned him respect from many critics. The films might have not be viewed as masterpieces, but many have agreed he has turned into a fine actor. And though his upcoming projects, Life and The Lost City of Z, probably won't earn him a lot of pop culture cred, they will certainly help continue to build his resume with the critics.

Pattinson doesn't need any more pop culture cred. He has plenty of that from Twilight. What he needs to be doing is to continue what he is doing. He needs to keep up his quest to become an indie film darling. He needs to get more critics on his side, so he can get more of the regular public on his side.


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