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The Dallas Buyer's Club brought forth more of the ways people dealt with aids in the early stages of people knowing about it . The acting and the constant way they handled it brought forth medications and ways to live with a tragedy that left the nation and the world on their knees .

Since that time actors have done several movies on hiv and yet to this day I can not tell you the reader why more has not been done on this . These actor are to be greatly thanked for their participation in a work that cannot be surpassed in all they have done to help and encourage recovery and a cure for a very deadly virus .

I am 62 now and have lost several people in my life to this incredible killer. Even though they have gone on They always leave you with a memory that stays with you somehow . I will miss them .

I cannot thank the movie industry enough for the time , donations and just their overall concern to help fight this deadly virus .

Your Movie and so many have helped . I know the people who have died thank you although they may not have been able to I am sure they do .

I wanted to see change at the fda but it is a slow change . Approvals only if it is made in this country or conforms to the standards on drugs . I asked someone where God was once and he said to me that is not god that is the evil or devil and I stood there and had to agree . What a thought huh . Well after so many years they are looking at it . Hopefully they do not just look at it they find a way to make it better for all instead of the blame game .

I personally thank you in the movie industry for all you do and music industry who have come forward to show your support in HIV and the decline in it as your movies such as Dallas Buyers Club probably saved someones life and they did not get hiv .

Troy Feltes

Las Vegas, Nevada


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