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It's that time of month for me.

No, not that.

Though, I did just have my birthday!

No, I'm talking about fall.

When being young, my birthday ment : school, leaves, followed by - ABC family movies, and books.

Well, I've decided I'm going to be a witch all October (and early Sept. *pushes her glasses up the brim of her nose so they're back in their usual position; clarifying this month is special due-to-birthday) and indulge in all things.."snuggly".

nyu nyu!~
nyu nyu!~

I decided to become a Hufflepuff...

attempt at drawing myself on galaxy note 4
attempt at drawing myself on galaxy note 4

I'm sure it's due to my new glasses, which, make my puffed-nest-of-a-hair stand out more and, also, I have this scarf that just makes me feel..huffled. I often dress in layers and keep my head down. And, this thought made me think : Hufflepuff.

I HAVE YET to FULLY read the Harry Potter books. I was young, I grew up with these mates. Though, the book, obviously, came first, I didn't get my hands on it 'til I was 11. At that point, the movie was being released and I dove straight in.

"Alright." I'd snicker.

Finally, I belonged. The movie sucked me in (doesn't help my mind was always into witches, spells, faes and magic) and I never wanted to go! Mother ordered me Hermione's wand, the nice one which came in a box, the box of which came from Ollivanders,

I still have this wand, though, lost the box, and I kinda' want to keep it in site this month and next (I'll most likely use it as I read Harry potter. I'm on pg. 37 of the Sorceress stone. In the uk it was originally Philosopher's stone.)

It's not too early for pumpkin goods~

Baked pumpkin seeds : Mum n I always had fun scooping out the guts, collecting seeds and then baking them. Adding a glaze or seasoning really umphs them into a nice treat~

And of course movies to top off the feel!

Halloween Town, Casper meets Wend,y and Hocus Pocus
Halloween Town, Casper meets Wend,y and Hocus Pocus

So, let me know what some of your traditions are for the coming fall!♡ Or perhaps which house you'd be in; back to school! I'm ready!!


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