ByBoyd Enfelt, writer at
Boyd Enfelt
I believe Michelle Rodriguez said it best that we need to stop changing classic characters just to fit new roles. Why take the classic Spider-Man and make him a different race or sexuality? That throws away 50+ years of background and history. Wouldn't it be better to just make a new character to fill those roles? By just changing a character to satiate the need for political correctness you're not really making a push for broader acceptance of whatever trait you're giving the character as much as creating a new character would. I see people say that if they were of a different race or sexuality they would want to see the characters changed but why? Why would you want a hand-me-down down character instead of a new character with a whole new story to tell? Everyone already knows these other characters for what they originally are. For some those characters are already helping people accept their own quirks. Spider-Man for instance helps young kids who may seem "nerdy" realize that just because they're not "cool" that there's still more for them in life. So instead of taking one persons inspiration and changing it into another's why not just make a new one?

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