ByAlize Hernandez, writer at

Remember the days when i was kid my favorite show was the teen titans. knowing that this was this best show made in TV history I love it! In My opinion. But the day for the show came to in end very sad day 2003-2006 the last episode left cliff hanger to continue to season 6. Then I heard Cartoon Network was bring it back! I was mind blown to remember my childhood show would return.WAIT something wasn't right about the new one Teen titans Go. I said what THIS A new show about teen titans at first I was confused because I forgot about the original show I move on in life, but then it came to me this is not teen titans at ALL. characters look ugly I mean very ugly like they put no effort in them. So I was like really Cartoon Network you couldn't bring back the original one. The graphics look plain no work at all put in to this show, action was NO were to be seen in this new Show Called teen titans go. to much jokes going around in episodes and then they SING which is very annoying and stupid and does not makes sense . plus her the catch the producer never seen the original one at all Not one episode what so ever.I mean how did this plan of theres come in reality about the teen titans. Producer should just cancel his most DUMBEST SHOW EVER MADE so I Never have to seen again. And the worst part about this show is the CARTOON NETWORK actually sponsor this show I mean what happen to bring back the old one, they actually like the new show more than the one old I mean there against the old show because In there app I don't seen teen titans in the app I see the old shows which date back to 2005 which is fined, but what bothers me more is that I see teen titans go first than it regular show and so on. My biggest request is to bring back the old one this new show get worse and worse every new episode it just BAD and VERY GARBAGE.


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