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Until this point we had heard news about the casting of "Bourne 5", the fifth Bourne installment (fourth if you don't count the Bourne: Legacy with Jeremy Renner), including returning Julia Stiles, new villain Vincent Cassel and Tommy Lee Jones in an unrevealed role. We also knew that the director of the second and third Bourne movies, Paul Greengrass is returning to direct the franchise, which is another great addition, considering that his direction to previous Bourne movies brought to the films not only financial success but also a critical acclaim, which is the most important.

All that in mind, we didn't have anything tangible to believe that the movie is really happening. But that's until yesterday, when the first image from the set of the movie was posted online. This could be just an image to many people, but I think it means much more than just being a picture.

A lot of hard core Bourne fans were disappointed by the fourth installment of the franchise called the Bourne: Legacy, which didn't have Bourne in it (What? Bourne movie without Bourne?). The movie itself was a decent and fun movie but giving it the name Bourne was a marketing tactic, and was used to draw fans of the franchise without caring what people will think afterwards, as long as the movie made some profit at the box office. And it is not surprising to me that movie studios worry mostly about making money but this step was really just cheating fans and telling them that their opinion doesn't matter, on their faces.

Times are changing and in this age of social connectivity, all that matters is people's opinions and if the movie is a garbage or if it doesn't meet the premise promised to movie going audiences the word of mouth about the stinker will spread faster then ever and the movie will bomb even if marketing strategies promised specific numbers of income.

So back to the image of Matt Damon from the set of the movie. He is the face of the franchise and he is the Bourne and he is the guy we want to associate this movie with. That's why the first picture released is him in the center of the attention. And on top of all he looks in pretty amazing physical shape which means the role means a lot for him too and he wants to do justice to the beloved character and fans of the Jason Bourne character.

I am really excited to see this picture and honestly I don't even need to see a trailer or revelation of any plot points throughout the production. As long as I trust them as a fan, I am excited to see the final product without any additional information. And after this image I have really high hopes and I do trust them now, with a slight caution though ;).

Let me know what you think about the picture and if you are excited about Bourne 5.


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