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Everyone loves Villains. They're what makes their favorites heroes who they are. There would be no Batman without the Joker. There would be no Superman without Lex Luthor.

In this list will be the (in my opinion) most deadly, badass and murderous villains (and villainous teams) in DC comic books. I have made many lists if you check out my page but this one, along with my Marvel version of this post, might be a little different. Since it would be literally impossible to choose which is number one or which number eight.

Lex Luthor

One of the most well known villains to date, Lex Luthor is one evil SOB. Being not only Superman's arch-nemesis but also one of the Justice Leagues most troublesome adversaries. Luthor has lead Injustice Gang, Injustice League, League of Doom, Legion of Super-Villains (though not lead by him it was put together by him), Secret Six, and of course his own company LexCorp. He has even been the President of the United States. Anytime you see Luthor you know he's going to try and pull something. With billions of dollars in his pocket, one of the smartest minds of the century and extremely high amounts of connections to call for help (you know, other villains) any hero has a hard time not wanting to kill him.

Though you can't help but love him as a reader, his ends justify the means approach to making the world a better place is a bit overused, Lex Luthor just wants to rid the world of aliens like Superman so humans can live in peace.

Lex Luthor has been in countless animated and live action adaptations over the years. See him next her in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.


He's so evil that even other villains hate working with him because they don't know what he'll do. Once a hero, then turned evil by falling into acid, The Joker is probably the most well known villain out there. Heath Ledger had a major part in that, RIP. Joker not only is a sadistic psychopath who would kill anyone just for a laugh, he is extremely good at creating havoc in Gotham. And above all else his kill count puts him on this list for one of the worst.

Fun Fact: Mark Hamill who played Luke Skywalker in Star Wars is the voice of the Joker in animated series' and in the Arkham Game series.


Art by Jae Lee
Art by Jae Lee

Ruler of WarWorld as it says above, Mongul is one of Superman's staple villains being one hell of a fighter and tough as nails. WarWorld is an artificial planet used to pick up slave for gladiatorial combat which was how Superman met Mongul. He had picked up Superman and faced him off against WarWorlds finest warrior, Draaga. Well known for his small stint on Young Justice and the Justice League animated series, Mongul is not known by a lot of people. But is even a ton of trouble for Hal Jordan, because his skin is yellow so he can't fight him with his ring. Mongul will do anything to prove that he is a worthy opponent because he hates losing and looking like a fool.

Vandal Savage

Vandal in Young Justice
Vandal in Young Justice

One of the first humans on planet Earth, Vandal Savage is immortal. It is said that he was credited with the first recorded murder ever and was the template for the biblical character Cain. Given the gift of immortal life after sleeping next to a strange asteroid that landed on earth during Prehistoric times. One of the smartest men on the planet with over a thousand years of knowledge, Vandal Savage always seems to have something going on in that evil head of his. Usually allying himself with the big bads like Darkseid or Lex Luthor. With over a thousand years of life, his kill list is longer than anyones since he's had more time to add to it than anyone else.

Most known for his stint on Young Justice and small stints on Justice League animated series.


Thaal Sinestro
Thaal Sinestro

Once the most decorated green lantern in the corp, Sinestro was corrupted by his power and sent into exile after crimes towards his own people. Sinestro now seeks to impose his own order and control onto to the universe. He employed a yellow power ring to combat the green lantern corp that he had grown to despise. His prowess and ruthlessness have made him one of the most feared villains in existence. Soon after he got his yellow ring, he created his own Sinestro Corp retrofitted with their own Yellow power rings, to rule over the universe.


Darkseid's Omega Beams
Darkseid's Omega Beams

Ruler of Apokolips and considered a God, Darkseid has no one to answer to. With only Superman and a few others able to stand toe to toe with him , he has no reason to fear anyone unless its the entire Justice League. Though even then with his entire army from Apokolips the JLA won't have it easy. Perhaps his most frightening powers are his Omega Beams, able to teleport or destroy anyone or anything with a look.


Created by Krona an Oan (yes one of the guardians of the universe) and is the reason for the multiverse we know and love/hate in the DC Universe. In New-52 era he was just given a name Mobius, an ancient being who hates the universes he had inadvertently created when he was created and would do anything to see them all destroyed. Oh and he battled Darkseid and killed him. With the anti-life equation and the ability to destroy all life and planets, he is an Anti-God.

The Crime Syndicate

I only say the entire team because unlike the JLA they are mostly known if not just for being a team. They are the polar opposites of the JLA. Atomica (Atom's opposite), Deathstorm (Firestorms opposite), Johnny Quick (Flash's Opposite), The Outsider (Alfred Pennyworth's opposite, i know crazy to think of Alfred as a bad guy on any world), Owlman (Batman's opposite), Ultraman (Superman's opposite), Power Ring (GL's opposite), Sea King (Aquaman's Opposite), Superwoman (Wonder Woman's opposite), and Grid (Cyborg's opposite). On their Earth, Earth-3, the Crime Syndicate rules with an Iron Fist and has the entire world living in fear. And to make things even weirder than Alfred being a villain (a powerful one at that) heroes of Earth-3 are people like Lex Luthor and Joker. So imagine the JLA taking over the world and then you can see the power the Syndicate possess.


A science experiment made on Krypton created to be the perfect life form came to earth to do one thing. Destroy everything in it's path. Which is unfortunate for Superman. Able to evolve and adapt (burn it, becomes immune to fire, hurt it with kryptonite, becomes immune to kryptonite) doomsday is almost impossible to kill. He has even killed superman, though it didn't last long and then Superman beat the living shit out of him after words, but not after superman had to absorb a butt load of solar energy to get to the energy and strength to do so. The only time anyone has been able to really kill him though, was when General Zod took him to the Moon and incapacitated him.

Black Adam

Teth-Adam along with his nephew Aman were given the power of a God by the Wizard Shazam (not Billy Batson) to save their family from their slave owners, and shared the power with his nephew. After Aman said that he wanted to let their slavers and dictators go to stop the blood shed, Adam wanted nothing more than to kill them outright. So in return he killed his own nephew and took all the power thinking that it was the right thing to do. Black Adam murdered the entirety of the Council of Eternity, all except Shazam who was able to capture and lock him away. Only waking after Billy Batson was given the powers of Shazam himself, and enacted revenge on his magic brother creating his mortal enemy after he killed Shazam. Now Black Adam tries his best to kill Shazam (Billy Batson) trying to be the only one with the powers they possess thinking that he is the real chosen one and the only one that deserves the power.

Ra's al Ghul

The Demons Head
The Demons Head

Over 600 years old give or take, Ra's Al Ghul is the leader of The League of Assassins. With sole custody of the Lazarus Pit, a magical pit of liquid that can bring him back from the dead Ra's isn't exactly easy to stop. Though it brings him out even crazier every time he uses it. With the usual 'Everyone must go, so we can start over' approach for world domination/extinction, the JLA (mostly Batman though since Ra's wants him to be his heir, I mean he does have a kid with his daughter Talia) has a lovely time stopping him. Oh and lets not forget his army of ninja assassins.


Miniturized version of Kandor, Kryptonian city
Miniturized version of Kandor, Kryptonian city

The Brain Ineteractive Construct is an advanced artificial intelligence created by a Kryptonian scientist wanting all the information the universe has to offer. He is obsessed with Superman and Lex Luthor always seems to be the one helping him when he comes to earth. With no remorse or emotion, nothing stands in his way and Superman has never seemed to be able to stop him 100%, he usually finds a way to preserve himself to come back at a later time for revenge.


A creation by the evil Professor Ivo, Amazo is an Android. And as it says above he has the ability to copy the cells (or powers) of any superhero he encounters, though they have to have powers so Batman doesn't have to worry about his demeanor or intelligence to be copied. Darn! Though he does sound impossible to beat, since if the entire JLA were to face him, it'd be like facing themselves all in one being, he also gets their weaknesses i.e. superman's weakness to Kryptonite, Green Lantern's aversion to yellow and Martian Manhunter's fear of Fire.


Okay so let me explain this (because I get confused sometimes). Reverse-Flash isn't just one person, it is anyone like the Flash that is on the opposite side of the law. Eobard Thawne (evil guy from Flash season 1, if you don't watch that then you should), time traveler from the 25th century when the Flash is earth's greatest hero. I wont get into the time travel because let's be honest it's always confusing, but all you need to know is that he was insanely obsessed with the speed force even studied it at a flash museum, (reminder: Thawne adored Barry Allen the second flash) hence the name Professor Zoom. He came across Allen's old cosmic treadmill in the museum and now only needed to become as fast as the flash by recreating his science accident to be able to use the treadmill and travel back in time to meet his idol. He succeeded after a few hard years of failure and landed in time right after Barry Allen's death, when Wally West the third and fastest of all flash's was the Flash. Soon after going to a Flash Museum he realized that he was destined to become Flash's greatest foe of all, Professor Zoom. Professor Zoom has done countless things to Barry and all the flash's most notably killing Iris West-Allen. He can also tap into the other Flash's speed force, virtually able to steal their speed.

Now Zoom on the other hand is a little different. This villain was most notably Wally Wests'. Working with Wally West was how their friendship started, even if Hunter Zolomon had no idea Wally was the Flash they worked together on many cases at the prescient they worked at in Central City. After being paralyzed by Gorilla Grodd, Zolomon became depressed and asked for the Flash to go back in time and fix his legs (oh and by now Zolomon knew Wally was the Flash). But Flash wouldn't as he didn't want to mess up the time stream they were on. Though that didn't matter because he broke into the Flash Museum carrying the Cosmic Treadmill and caused an explosion forever shifting Zolomon's connection in time, giving him the allusion of super-speed. Zoom then made West's wife Linda Park miscarriage.

Mister Mxyzptlk


Yes that is how you spell his name, and if you can pronounce it then i give you mad props. He is an imp from the 5th dimension that can do anything he pleases and no one has ever been able to think of something he couldn't do. He has done crazy stuff like marrying Lois Lane, making the Flash and superman race (flash won), and annoys the living hell out of superman. He loves to annoy Superman the most.


Once a guardian of the universe Krona, and was the creator of the Anti-Monitor a universe destroying Anti-God. With his creation he in turn created the Red Lantern Corp by destroying Sector 666 and creating the five inversions which included Atrocitus, the leader of the Red Lantern Corp. He also created the multiverse inadvertently. In the Brightest Day comic storyline he was trying to find all the Emotional Entities (the beings that give the Lantern Corp's their powers) and was succeeding until Hal Jordan stopped him. After his death the Guardians gave his corpse to Atrocitus, to give him closure about his Sector being destroyed.


Mercenary, Assassin and badass Slade Wilson was an experiment conducted by the U.S. government to make the perfect soldier. Or a the perfect weapon of mass destruction, in all the lists of villains with no powers this guy probably has the most kills on his rap sheet, and he doesn't even have his right eye. With an assortment of guns, staffs, swords and other killing implements only Batman can actually stand toe to toe with him with ease and even for Batman it isn't that easy. Well I mean superman could take him out with a punch, but Wilson knows Superman's weakness like most villains and with his skill I bet he'd be able to take superman out. Batman could.


Hellish Satan
Hellish Satan

You've probably not heard of this guy, or if you have it was like once from a long time ago. Usually making deals with heroes and villains taking their souls. Known as satan or the devil Neron has never been killed, as no one thinks he can die. He is responsible for the deaths of Mongul and Wonder Woman. And he thinks the purest soul is Captain Marvel's (Shazam).


Literally DC's version of the grim reaper, Nekron is the undisputed leader/founder of the Black Lantern Corp (Some would say Black Hand is the leader and I don't deny that Hand isn't insane but i mean look at this guy^). Anyway, Nekron is the Lord of the Unliving and during the Blackest Night it was found that he was the mastermind behind the Black Lantern Corp after all. His origin is a mystery since he was created when Krona was exiled way back when the universe had just been made.

General Zod

General Zod was born on Krypton and he loved his planet, he only wanted what he thought was best for it. But then his government accused him of treason and sent him to the phantom zone (A prison created by Superman's father to hold the worst criminals) with his followers just before Krypton was destroyed by what he had done. When Zod got out, Kal-El had already grown up as Clark Kent and become Superman. He enacted revenge on the son of the man who put him in the Zone. Now he does anything to kill Superman and bring back his destroyed planet.


Created at the dawn of time, Parallax is the living embodiment of Fear. The guardians imprisoned him inside the Green Lantern Power Corp on Oa, giving the Lanterns their aversion to the color yellow. Parallax has taken over Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner's soul, two very powerful Green lanterns from earth. With infinite power and no way to die as long as fear is in the universe, Parallax can make even the fearless feel fear. The only one to ever to be able to control him was Thaal Sinestro, even after taking over Barry Allen, Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner three very will-full earthlings.


Since the dawn of time Imperiex-Prime has destroyed and created the universe multiple times. He want's nothing more than to destroy this universe and start all over again. During the Imperiex War nearly 18 million people died on Earth while the heroes of Earth tried to stop Prime.

Flash Rogues

Consisting of villains like Captain Cold, Heatwave, The Top, Pied Piper, Weather Wizard and Mirror Master Flash has one of the largest and deadliest Rogue galleries of any hero. Led by Captain Cold the gallery is usually arguing about how to catch the Flash than actually being able to catch him. Though they aren't the smartest bunch they are relentless and never the Flash a day off. Having Flash as their arch-nemesis isn't the easiest thing for them as the Flash also has the JLA on his side and they have helped the Flash take his rogues out on numerous occasions. And i only have them all together here on this list because together they are stronger and It was too hard to pick just one.

Composite Superman

An experiment done by the crazy Professor Ivo (the guy created Amazo after this failure), Composite Superman was created to join the JLA and then destroy them only to realize that he wanted to be batman and superman but couldn't be both of them. So in turn he sewed Superman's and Batman's costumes together down the middle and tried the hero gig only to realize that he couldn't do it. With the combined powers of Superman, Batman, Atom, Firestorm, Elongated Man and Red Tornado Composite Superman is scary powerful. But in the end with Superman and Batman watching the two heroes he knew he could never be, he ripped himself in half.


The first failed clone of Superman done by Lex Luthor, Bizarro came out of his test tube looking exactly like Superman, but then in time turned into what we know him to look like and with less brain activity. In all sense of the word he is the complete opposite of Superman. Superman has arctic breath, Bizarro has flame breath. Superman has heat vision, Bizarro has Arctic Vision and Blue kryptonite is the color that hurts him. One thing is that he seems to be faster than Superman, tying in a race with the Reverse-Flash, not even something the Flash could achieve.


Do you like my list of Villains?


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