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Ever since "Aw, puddin', don't you want to rev your Harley?" as a kid, I was hooked to her Looney Too type behavior. She was a bad guy you could feel bad for because she was treated like an idiot side kick to the Joker.

Add in about 20 years later and I'm reintroduced to Harley Quinn in Injustice Gods Among Us, when a friend had me make the cosplay for her. Instantly I was enthralled with her again, but as an adult I could see the tumultuous relationship between her and the Joker and was glad she Poison Ivy as her bestie.

But despite Harley's Harlequin suit in the animated series and her first comic series, Harley as a grandmother in the Futuristic Batman series and every costume since, I've had zero issue because she had the white face, the blond hair either hidden or dyed red and black (like in her appearance in New 52 Harley Quinn and Harley Quinn & Super Girl) - can't say I was a fan of her ruffled collar and cape in New 52 Suicide Squad and New 52 New Suicide Squad - but they kept her white, black and red (though as a graphic design major at one point, I can understand the use of the more purple color for her black because when you're going dark on dark you either have to break it up with white lines, blue, purple or shades of gray.)

But the ruffled collar still kept her to her clown roots!

There was an animated Suicide Squad movie called "Assault on Arkham" where her costume was changed, but they stuck to Harley's signatures. Blond hair, clown like costume and her mallet.

I can see the carnival argument with them making the Suicide Squad movie Harley a bleached platinum blond with cotton candy colored pig tails. But Harley has never deviated from her traditional card deck colors of black, white and red.

There isn't a single Harlequin or clown aspect to Margot's Harley. Except maybe a shirt that explains that she puts up with Joker's physical, mental and emotional abuse because of some serious daddy issues. Yes, Harley is known for wielding a bat, especially in her very lolita, dominatrix doll outfit in Arkham Knight. But she's a mallet and gun girl in Suicide Squad with a cute little Joker tattoo right above her butt and hidden under her pants as she rock and rolls and plays Yahtzee with Deadshot.

I've never been more torn in my life about going to see a movie about a character I am nuts about. (Especially since I actually screamed at the movie screen in the theater when going to see Legend of Chun Li and broke down crying in serious disappointment at Divergent.)

Hollywood and their bevy of costume designers and casting directors seem to delight in raping and tossing beloved comics, books, anime and video game stories and characters into the gutters like used up whore that they got the money and pleasure they wanted out of it without a single thought of fans.

Example: Dragon Ball: Evolution, Mario Brothers, Batman and Robin (with the Mr. Freezenator!!), Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li, Divergent series (while City of Bones failed! WTF?!)

I think the only winners I've ever seen were the Harry Potter series and Hunger Games series in recent years. (I refuse to acknowledge fairies with fangs!!) In the past it was Jurassic Park, The Shining, Red Dawn.

But so far Hollywood has been going all Deliverance on beloved icons, making them squeal like a pig.


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