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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Child actors have a tough time. Anxious to please their parents and authority figures on set but not equipped with an adult's thick skin, they will often need to endure difficult things to make the movies we love. Check out some notable times when child actors had to do things they hated for their roles!

The Chill of the Devil

Actor: Linda Blair

Movie: The Exorcist

During the exorcism scenes, the bedroom set was kept very, very cold to make sure the cast's breath hung icily in the air. Little Linda Blair, only 12 and dressed in a thin nightgown, was so cold for such a protracted period of time that it left a lasting impression on her: even now as an adult, she absolutely hates and fears getting cold.


That's the Wurst

Actor: Michael Bollner

Movie: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Michael Bollner was already having a hard time learning his lines for the movie: a native German, he didn't speak English fluently and had to learn his lines phonetically. However, the hardest thing for Bollner was the scene that introduces his character, Augustus Gloop. Set in a rural German restaurant - a real one which the entire cast dined in on set - Bollner was required to eat a great deal of Knackwurst (a traditional sausage in Holstein, Germany) - which he hated!

Check out the clip below - he's very convincing at looking like he's enjoying his food...



Feline Good

Actor: Yuya Ozeki

Movie: The Grudge

Ozeki's character, Toshio, often appears on screen with his black cat during the movie. The problem was that Ozeki was terrified of cats in real life and director Takashi Shimizu had to coax the kid into going near the cat before they could shoot each scene...



Death by Chocolate

Actor: Jim Karz

Movie: Matilda

Which kid wasn't a little bit envious of Bruce Bogtrotter scoffing that enormous chocolate cake? True, he was being tortured by the sadistic Headmistress-cum-fascist-dictator, Miss Trunchbull but hey, chocolate! Sadly, Karz was one of the only kids ever to loathe and despise chocolate cake. He reported feeling horribly sick after being forced to repeatedly mash eternal chocolatey hell into his face.

Looking at the scene, you can kinda tell!



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