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The Lion King contained everything we love in a Disney film, a pinch of romance, a dash of danger and some cute lovable animals thrown in for good measure. As I sit here listening to the soundtrack whilst writing this, the nostalgic memories are flooding back. Disney presented us with a whole series of catchy tunes in this movie. But have you heard about the lost 'Madness of King Scar' song? This song was due to be included in the movie, but was cut by Disney.

Animator Eduardo Quintana decided it was time for this lost song to be brought to life. It took this artist almost two years to complete and the video was made as a tribute for The Lion King 20th Anniversary. His animation skills are seriously out of this world!

But first, here is a little bit more on the background of the song for those who may not know

The reason this song was scrapped by Disney was because it contained many sexual harassment references. The Lion King got very dark throughout and I am thankful that we didn't have to cope with this added trauma as children. It's no wonder Scar is known as the villain.

Eduardo's animation begins with a boney treat

Then we see Scar's face light up in a totally creepy way as he spots Nala.

Before the song breaks out

Scar tells Nala very pervertedly, "Nala, my, my, how you have grown."

The lyrics and text are all from Disney

The song has been adopted for the broadway production of The Lion King. The song featured in the short clip comes straight from the stage. Scar breaks out into his song remarking, ''She's got those assets feminine, I have to make her mine!'' ... excuse me whilst I puke.

Scar continues his stomach flipping serenade

Scar then keeps bringing the hell to Nala whilst prowling about and singing, ''Tell me I'm adored. Oh, Nala... you know how I loathe violence... One way or another, you will be mine.'' ...Badass Nala then gives the villainous lion a piece of his own medicine.

Check out the creepy song and awesome animation below!

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