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After eight years, tentative flirting and hilarious misunderstandings have paved the way to wedding bells for Penny and Leonard, and now eager Big Bang Theory fans can snatch their first look at their gorgeous surprise wedding ceremony.

So without further ado, you may click the bride in the adorable snaps from the Hollywood Reporter below!

Blush Bride

The blush pink dress that Penny has chosen is just the sort of thing I always imagined her walking up the aisle in!

Suits You Sir

Leonard greets his bride looking totally dapper, and way more charming than when he's rocking his often truly awful t-shirt collection.

You May Lift the Bride!

If he doesn't bash her head at some point, I'll eat that bouquet!

Just like in real-life, Kayley Cuoco's character Penny opted to tie the knot in pink and Leonard looks truly dashing in his smart tux, although I'm pretty sure there will be some severe blunders from both of these lovable klutzes on their big day...

Art imitating life in the Big Bang Wedding!
Art imitating life in the Big Bang Wedding!

It's not just fans who are mega excited for the Season 9 premiere either, showrunner Steve Molaro is also eager to get this show on the road and see the confetti being strewn over his long-serving cast, he told Hollywood Reporter that:

"I think when you see the premiere, you will feel that it's satisfying. There's a really special moment, despite all of the things that are happening, that I think makes Leonard and Penny — and especially their vows — truly a magical moment that I'm really excited about."

Big Bang Theory‘s Season 9 premiere will air on Monday 21 Sept at 8/7c

(Source: via The Hollywood Reporter)


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