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Imagine a nightmare scenario in which everything in the Disney world was suddenly turned on its head? Our favorite characters' faces would be juxtaposed with formidable villains, and their hearts of gold would similarly turn to stone - the thought is terrifying!

Well, in attempts to ruin your childhood, the creative people over at Buzzfeed have done just this, swapping the faces of Disney characters with those of villains.

Check them out, but be warned, I doubt you'll ever look at Disney in the same way again:

1. Belle & Gaston from Beauty and The Beast

This Gaston is positively swoon-worthy!

2. Hercules & Hades from Hercules

I doubt anyone would sculpt a statue of Hercules if he had a nightmare-inducing face like THAT!

3. Ariel & Ursula from The Little Mermaid

If only Ursula could take Ariel's voice and her beautiful face...

4. Aladdin & Jafar from Aladdin

If this is what Aladdin looks like now, I can't imagine the terror that Abu resembles!

5. Mulan & Shan Yu from Mulan

With that beard, I doubt Mulan is a girl worth fighting for.

6. Pocahontas & Governor Ratcliffe from Pocahontas

With Governor Ratcliffe's haggard face, Pocahontas somewhat resembles Grandmother Willow.

See more hilarious face-swaps over at BuzzFeed.


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