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I am one of those Potter-heads that will re-read the entire series every few years. I am still in denial that the series is finished and I have no problem admitting that I still cling onto the series, as it shaped so much of my childhood.

Imagine my excitement when I learned that Scholastic and Bloomsbury Publishing will be releasing a new deluxe hardcover edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone with full color illustrations by none other than British artist Jim Kay.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (known as Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in the UK) was first released in 1998, which started the story of Harry Potter and his adventures at Hogwarts and saving the Wizarding World with his best friends Ron and Hermione.

Ron Weasley
Ron Weasley
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger

In this video below, Kay discusses the models he built to help with his illustrations:

October 6th can't come soon enough. You will find me rushing out to the nearest bookstore, perhaps with some robes and a wand, just to relive the days when a new Harry Potter book was released.

We have to keep the tradition alive people! Harry Potter for forever!
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