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While I'd like to envision myself as untainted and mentally clean as I was when I was a wee one, let's be honest, that's just extremely far from the case. Sorry, Mom. But it's great to know that as awful and twisted as my insides may be, I can still find things to laugh and people who share a common interest in dark, dry humor.

The fantastic comic strip artist Ben Zaehringer of Berkeley Mews has taken key moments from pop culture and movies and unveiled the dark, funny underbellies. Check out the following 13 comics that will make you feel equal parts elated and emotionally drained:

1. Little Mermaid's Secret

Oh, Ariel, say it isn't so!

2. Breaking Rad

Even in this comic form I can't stand Skyler.

3. Cinder-hell nah

I then imagine the Prince winding up with one of her evil stepsisters. Just to add salt to the wound.

4. Mission: Improbable

Tom, I'm glad that this turned out to be a fail.

5. How to get rid of a Genie

Ahh yes, the old wishing for no wishes paradox.

6. Don't try this at home

Face the wrath of tiny Godzilla (literally)!

7. You've got a friend in me...forever and ever and ever

In the year 2087 we saw a much more horrific end to Buzz and Woody's story.

8. Transf-mourners

That's a utility vehicle if I've ever seen one.

9. He's got no strings...

Well, I guess it's a good thing he wasn't a real boy yet.

10. Somewhere over the brain-bow

Quick, Dorothy! Click your heels together three times and get the hell out of there.

11. Who You Gonna Call?

Probably not these guys. Especially with a $500 price tag!

12. Charlie and the Sweat Factory

Oompa Loompa doopity - do not rat me out to the feds, please.

13. Be Lumière's Guest

Love is blind, I guess. Still this makes me feel weirdly sad for him!

To see more hilariously disturbing Berlkeymews comics, check out and their Instagram account!



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