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I consider myself to be a real American because I played high school football. I don't know if that is even legit, but I like to think so. Anyway, my favorite football-related (and possibly sports-related) TV series of all time is Friday Night Lights. Before that, though, it was The Jersey.

They're entirely different shows and are simply not comparable. But they both include football. The Jersey had elements of magic (it was Disney afterall) involved and was probably designed for a younger audience, which was perfect because I think I fell squarely in that target demographic at the time.

It's been 11 years since the show went off the air, so let's take a look at where that cast is now!

Michael Galeota as Nick Lighter

Nick Lighter is an incredibly important character to the storyline and plot because he's the one who provides the jersey itself. He got it from his late grandfather. He's also the leader of the MNFC. Simply put, Galeota hasn't done much since playing Lighter as he has no IMDB credits after the aforementioned The Jersey. He's only got 171 Twitter followers, and he made this vaguely homophobic video recently.

But it's all good. We still love the man!

Jermaine Williams as Coleman 'The Slaw' Galloway

The Slaw was the third person to wear the jersey. He was also the only African-American cast member. Jermaine has had much better luck than Galeota after The Jersey, having been featured in multiple films including, most notably, The Great Debaters.

Courtnee Draper as Morgan Hudson

Morgan was the second person to wear the jersey and the only female member of the group. Draper has been even busier than the other two boys I already mentioned. She's done voice work for Final Fantasy and most notably appeared in BioShock Infinite (2013), Surf's Up (2007) and Ponyo (2008).

Theo Greenly as Elliot Rifkin

Elliot is the youngest member of the group and the fourth person to wear the jersey. He plays a nerdy kid and, like the other two guys, he hasn't had much pop off acting-wise since the show. Even worse than Galeota, he has a mere 14 followers on Twitter. Eek! But he's still going to be remembered as Elliot from the show!

I still remember him being a huge dick in this episode...


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