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(Warning - the following may contain potential SPOILERS for future movies in the DCCU. Or it might not. As Taylor Swift so sagely put it: "Don't say I didn't say I didn't warn ya"...)

Now, while the Marvel Cinematic Universe has has a solid eight years of superhero smack-downs to establish exactly which heroes are the most destructive, or the most powerful, that's a luxury that the DC Cinematic Universe hasn't yet had.

All we've had the chance to find out so far, after all, is that Superman is incredibly powerful, and really bad at avoiding collateral damage.

Without having actually seen any of Supes' fellow heroes on the big-screen, though, how can we possibly work out which of them will ultimately turn out to be the most powerful?

Well, how about through some patented* 'superhero-comic-book-infused-guesswork'?

*Note, not actually in any way patented.

Here, then, are (our best guess of):

The Five Most Powerful Superheroes in the DCCU

A list which, sadly, is going to have to miss out on a few incredibly famous faces. For one thing, we still haven't had confirmation that Martian Manhunter will be arriving on screen anytime soon, so he misses out. Conversely, Superman already has appeared on screen - and quite possibly exists in a league of his own when it comes to power, so misses out here too. If you prefer, feel free to consider him the 0 on the following list (or the 0.5, if you have way too much faith in Batman).

First up, then?

5. Wonder Woman

Now, it's actually entirely possible that the DCCU Wonder Woman will actually have no super-strength or special powers to speak of - in which case she'd likely slip out of this top five, and be replaced by Aquaman or a similar hero.

If she does, though, then there's a pretty solid chance she'll have raw physical power the match of pretty much any other superhero going - but that uncertainty keeps her at number 5 for now...

4. Cyborg

Much like Wonder Woman, Cyborg's power-levels could well be very different from the comic-books - but in his case, the likelihood of them going down seems distinctly slim.

Instead, there seems to be an excellent chance that Cyborg will be powered up to be a close match for Superman...just so long as he doesn't get wet, or melted, or have an EMP thrown at him...

3. Shazam

Now, in theory, Shazam - the hero formerly known as Captain Marvel - is pretty much just as powerful as Superman.

In practice, though, he's a small child in the body of a 'roided-up metahuman, which means he's only ever really as powerful as his own capacity to make the correct tactical decision.

Which, in the DCCU, is likely to be...sometimes.

2. The Flash

Now, sure, The Flash might not be able to punch as hard as the rest of the heroes on this list, but that lack of heavyweight status doesn't actually make him any less powerful, for one very specific reason: He can travel through time.

Which is a little bit like being in charge of the rules of a board game. Sure, your opponent might have more snakes and ladders than you (that's how that game works, right?), but if you can go back and change the rules to suit yourself at any time, it really doesn't matter.

Also, super-speed is awesome.

Finally, then?

1. Green Lantern

That's right. Green Lantern.

Who has the power to do pretty much whatever he can imagine.

Which can, in turn, be multiplied a thousand-fold by his fellow Lanterns, should there ever be a threat severe enough to warrant it.

Honestly, if that isn't powerful enough to get the number 1 spot, I don't know what is...

What do you reckon, though?


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