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They say that pictures speak a thousand words. Taking a look at the image above, that quote feels endlessly appropriate. It's been a long time since I was connected to a game in the same manner that I was with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It introduced me to the music of a generation, it gave me an extraordinary sense of time and place, and it was some of the most replay-able fun I had on the Playstation 2.

While GTA V is an extraordinary achievement - one that is renowned throughout the world - it never gave me the same sense of joy that Vice City delivered. That's purely down to how much effort Rockstar put into creating a time and place that felt real, as well as it being a place you wanted to inhabit. Modern Los Angeles and how utterly fake Rockstar make it all appear (or is?) is not somewhere that you were dying to return to. But I'd go back to 1980s Miami any day!


GTA 6 - Does This Image Show What Rockstar Need for Its Release Date?

What's your standing on the progression of the Grand Theft Auto franchise? What has been your favourite game so far? I know that our office is actually split between Vice City and San Andreas, with a few GTA V, IV and 3 lovers about. But while I've played GTA V for a ridiculous amount of hours, it doesn't have that same sense of satisfaction. Perhaps if this one issue was reconciled in GTA 5, and particularly GTA Online, I would love it a lot more. But GTA V is just a playground, it's a place to have a stupid amount of fun. But I really love being immersed in a video game and there was something about the setting of Vice City that felt so alive. There is a vibrancy in Vice City that still exists to this day!

GTA: Vice City
GTA: Vice City

Where does the Grand Theft Auto franchise need to take us next, for you? Does it look like this? With all of the USA as its map. Should it involve three protagonists once more? Should that remain a once-off feature for GTA V? And should there be more than once city in GTA 6?

It's tough to guess where Rockstar will be taking GTA after this incredible hit. They've survived off of GTA V's sales for three years, without another game in sight. They may be working on Red Dead Redemption 2 or even an expansion for GTA V, but we all know that GTA 6 is miles away from its release date. However, we'd love to hear what you want to experience on its release date for the XBOX One, PS4 and PC!


Which of these is your favourite GTA?


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