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It feels like as long as there's been a Harry Potter universe, it's been dominated by one house: Gryffindor. While other houses have also had their time in the spotlight, the three protagonists in the series and many of their cohorts have proudly worn their red, gold, and lion emblazoned ensembles.

Slytherin and Ravenclaw have often proved their worth, but no student group has been overlooked quite like the loyal, kind, and dedicated Hufflepuff house.

Sure, they probably had tons going on within their own common room, nicely tucked away next to the kitchens. Sadly, the books only gave us a brief look on what happened after tickling the pear in the painting.

Luckily, it would appear that we've finally entered a new era in Hogwarts history! After Hufflepuff won the Pottermore House Cup yesterday, J.K. Rowling confirmed our suspicions. The author stated that we indeed do seem to be in the long-anticipated Age of Hufflepuff!

Rejoice, rejoice far and wide, my badger-loving friends, for you will no longer be relegated to the footnotes of Harry Potter's history. Thus far, Cedric Diggory and Tonks have done a fair job at representing their house, but soon we'll have an entirely different generation of 'Puff to look up to.

The upcoming trilogy, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will have a Hufflepuff, specifically Newt Scamander, as the leading man in the films. The role will be played by Eddie Redmayne, therefore continuing the trend of Hufflepuff being one of the best looking houses.

Here we go, Hufflepuff. Your time to shine has come and we all know you're going to do great!

The first of the Harry Potter spinoff films, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, will reach theaters on November 18, 2016. Are you getting excited to head back to the Wizarding World?

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