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Awaking this morning and checking my newsfeeds I come across a slate stating: Pokemon GO-The Best Game From Nintento. Of course, being a long-time fan, I click on the small card and low and behold, it takes me to a page with an embedded GIF of a Gyarados jumping out of a London river attacking a sleeping Snorlax on a bridge over the same river. Now if my memory serves me correctly, there was a prank pulled many years ago in which it was claimed that there would be a new app that would allow you to travel the world and catch Pokemon, in real life. So I quit off the page and went about my morning. However I started to see the notification everywhere and it was once I saw the Nintendo officials standing on that stage, I actually believed it.

So you really will be able to catch Pokemon in real life. 19 years of dreaming and it is an actual reality now. Unfortunately, going off of the two screenshots given, it will not be an Augmented Reality experience, however it is one none the less. Accompanying the app, through an out-of-app purchase, you can buy a watch-type thing that lights up when a Pokemon is near with President Shigeru Miyamoto stating that it was designed so that users won't be always looking at their phones.

It is an interesting prospect. All I know is that as soon as it is available, I will be lining up for it and attempting to catch Charmander. Almost every child who has grown up with Pokemon, has only dreamt of the day when they can actually catch 'em all.

Pokemon GO will be available 2016 for iOS and Android.


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