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What an episode! We finally got some answers about Stanford's past, Dipper got the chance to work with his hero, and Mabel punched a unicorn right in the face. The Last Mabelcorn is a fantastic addition to Gravity Falls season 2, and it raises as many questions as it answers. So just in case you missed anything we're gonna recap the highlights, as well as examine which theories were debunked and which were confirmed... and how about Bill's final promise to possess one of the Gravity Falls townsfolk! We might just have an idea of who the lucky fella could be...

Mindscape Mysteries & Unicorn Scams

The Last Mabelcorn starts with a bang, as we are plunged into a nightmare sequence featuring everyone's favourite triangle trickster. Ford's dream really is terrifying, and holds plenty of hints for what Bill has planned for Gravity Falls! Let's take a look at what Bill has to say...

"You can't stop what I have planned! I've been making deals, chatting with old friends, and preparing for the big day. You can't protect that rift forever! You'll slip up, and when you do..."

Remember what we thought Bill had in store for Gravity Falls? Well, looks like we had the right idea when we considered the apocalyptic possibilities. Ford finally lets Dipper in on Bill's intentions, but not before the Pines family (minus Stan) have concocted a plan to protect the Shack from Bill. And this plan requires a unicorn hair, much to Mabel's delight.

Mabel gathers Candy, Grenda, and Wendy to help her on the quest to find the unicorn. And defying expectations, they do! But the unicorn is far from helpful... This has got to be one of Gravity Falls' best Mabel stories yet. It's got everything - Grenda being her awesome self (smashing a rock over her head?! Awesome), unicorns that like to scam humans, and best of all, gnomes traffiking butterflies and fairy dust. Until Grenda takes them down of course.

Tell it to the adorable owl we dressed as a judge.
Tell it to the adorable owl we dressed as a judge.

Just in case Mabel's mission fails, Dipper and Ford are exploring the possibility of mind-proofing.

Bill's one route into our dimension is via the mindscape, which is why he wants to get his hands on the Rift - after the portal was destroyed, the Rift is the only connection to other dimensions, contained for the time being in a glass bubble. So Ford hooks Dipper up to a machine that will bio-electrically encrypt his thoughts, and prevent Bill access. And just in case you missed them, here's a few of Dipper's thoughts that flashed across the screen!

  • "Oh man, I can’t believe I’m with The Author!"
  • "Maybe if I cross my legs, no one will notice." (uh...)
  • "I miss Tyrone!"
  • "I should really try out the President’s Key some time."
  • "I could probably rob a bank."

The machine takes ages to work, and as Ford drifts off to sleep Dipper becomes overcome with curiosity, and attempts to use the mind reading machine on Ford instead. Which leads to one of Gravity Falls' most revelatory and intense sequences. Because it turns out that just as we suspected, Ford and Bill made a deal!!

The Secrets Of Ford's Past

Shocking revelations
Shocking revelations

After Dipper attempts to use the memory erase gun to remove Bill from Ford's mind, Ford assures him that his deal with Bill went sour long ago. And he finally decides Dipper can be trusted with the secrets of his past. So get this: Ford and Bill used to be partners!

The two worked together to discover the mysteries of Gravity Falls, and Bill gave Ford the idea to build the portal. Of course, when McGucket returned from the other dimension traumatised, Ford confronted Bill... and learned the truth: that Bill wants to bring our dimensions crashing together, unleashing all the nightmarish creatures from his own world!

"Let's just say that when that portal finishes charging up, your dimension's gonna learn how to party!"

Which explains why Ford was so angry with Stan for trying to rescue him. Of course, he didn't say anything about the time he spent in this "nightmare realm"... guess we'll have to wait to find out about that!

In the meantime, Mabel and the girls have acquired the unicorn hair, through less than pure of heart methods...

Humans v unicorns
Humans v unicorns

In the words of Wendy: "we're crazed sweaty animals, we're women! And we take what we want!"

So the Shack is safe... until Bill possesses one of the unsuspecting townsfolk of course. And thanks to the episode's code, we might have a hint of who this will be!

Codes and Ciphers

There were two codes at the end of this episode, which read...



Who could this "simple man" be? Odds are it's McGucket - he's had a role in this since the beginning, going mad after the nightmare realm scrambled his brain, and becoming obsessed with erasing the townsfolks' memories. He'd be an easy one for Bill to possess. Plus, his image flashed up at the same time the second code did, which could be a hint OR a red herring.

Bill's route to our world
Bill's route to our world

The Last Mabelcorn had plenty for us to think about, and lots of unanswered questions for us to analyse. Like: who are the "old friends" that Bill mentions? Could this be a link to Time Baby? And why is Stan always absent from Bill episodes?

Ah, Gravity Falls. You always know just how to tease our minds! So what do you think? Give us your theories in the comments, or write your own post!


What was your favourite part of the episode?


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