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Tom Hardy's Myspace archive might be the stuff of legends, but the lovable British actor's Instagram account is also a glowing beacon of adorably candid snaps amidst the vast sea of photoshopped, image conscious celebrity social media profiles.

I've gone through the heart-clutchingly painful task of ploughing trough all of Hardy's Instagram images so you don't have to (and considered constructing a concealed room in my house to hide him in while doing it), and below is a pure distillation of the pure essence of Tom Hardy, drink it in my friends!

This is a dude who isn't afraid to have fun, even if he does make a bit of a fool of himself

We are all Tom Hardy

What does it say about me that I feel mildly jealous of this statue?

The blurriness of this shot suggests a classic 'walk home at 3am' snap.

He adores all creatures great and small

Dogs are obviously the best creature on the planet, and Tom Hardy totally agrees, he explained:

“I’m an absolute sucker for dogs, and I normally find a dog on every film I do. They always end up in the house somehow, even if I have to take it from someone’s car. I’ve got no scruples. There’s always a way for a stray."

And Hardy + hound = heart explosion.

It's just too much...

And he looks way better than that bloke on the Athena poster with a baby

Hardy has one son named Louis (and another baby on the way) and he makes that Athena baby guy look like an amateur when they are photographed together

He son is seven years old now and Hardy prefers his company to anyone elses, he said:

"I like to keep [to] myself. I have a dog and a son. A dog couldn’t do anything to upset me, you know, and neither could my son.”


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He always has time for his fans, and he posts the snaps on his own Instagram like he's the one meeting a famous person

The smiles always seem so genuine when Hardy meets someone who appreciates his work.

The selfie game is strong in this one.

He always has time for the little guy, even if the little guy happens to be an evil overlord.

Sure, he might look ridiculously hard sometimes

Always playing the hard man clearly pays off in the gym stakes...

...But not without a lot of hard work!

And why have a body like that unless you are going to customize it to your own specifications?

Of course, there is no denying that Hardy is intimidatingly good looking...


Even with a hairdo like that...

And those deep blue eyes.

Not to mention those dreamy, pillowy lips.

But really he's just a...

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