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The online world of gaming can be cruel - mostly because we make it that way. But Elite Dangerous wasn't really supposed to EVE Online. This wasn't intended to be a space sim that would have people quitting over the frustrations' of online life. But a recent event has caused a lot of people to request action from Frontier Developments, in order to increase the penalties for intergalactic murder.

It's unlikely to happen, but I love hearing about these situations and how an entire community behind a game can have an opinion on it. So I thought I'd take the recent case of the CODE barricade at Hutton Orbital, which has seen threads after threads of individuals discussing the actions being carried out in this quadrant of space!

Elite Dangerous
Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous - PvP, Intergalactic Murder & the Case of The CODE Blockade!

Sounds like a title to a thesis! Anyway, let's see what happened. Here's a brief introduction to the case from one of the individuals responsible on Reddit, DigitalMandalorian:

As most of us know by now, the Community Goal at Hutton Orbital has been under blockade for the last two days by The Code and The Smiling Dog Crew.
Warnings are still being given out both in Supercruise and at Hutton Orbital to CMDR's to drop their scrap and leave Proxima Centauri if they do not want to be attacked/pirated. We have lost count, but over 400 CMDRS have ignored our warnings and attempted to participate in this Community Goal and have died.

Naturally, you're going to wonder why exactly they've bothered to do this. Thankfully, they've actually supplied their own answers!

Elite Dangerous
Elite Dangerous
  • They believe that this particular region of space was given the natural resource of 'scrap' in order to discourage the act of piracy. They apparently have taken this as an insult and as a result, they have decided to pirate the hell out of the place!
  • Secondly, they claim that the creation of the Hutton Mug breaks the rule of the original competition, which stated that the station/system must not have a rare good present. Hutton Orbital has Centauri Mega Gin, which is reason number two.
  • Thirdly, because they're pirates...I don't know why I didn't see this one coming because it makes absolutely perfect sense!

If you want to read the entire post, then hop on over to Reddit with this fine-ass link I got for you!

Elite Dangerous
Elite Dangerous

Now, there have been responses from both sides of the fence; those that suffer from pirates and just want to enjoy themselves, and those that pirate others. The opinions are equally interesting, especially since I haven't been back to Elite Dangerous in quite some time. But there's one particular post from another occasional pirate that I found to be particularly intriguing - mostly because it's just level-headed and makes sense.

They claim that Elite Dangerous makes things far too easy for those that engage in it. "I lose nothing if I attack another ship unprovoked. I gain a 6k bounty for my efforts. I may occasionally be refused docking." That's it, and they even offer alternative ways in which this could be dealt with. Such as restricting the movements of the player or their logistics.

"Currently if I get denied docking, security vessels attack. I can low wake out, and come back in and dock. You would think this would promote silent running and smuggling style docking. It does not. I just leave and come back. If I really cannot be bothered I silent run, but it is too easy."

Elite Dangerous
Elite Dangerous

A few months ago we saw one particular gamer be absolutely bombarded with messages and attacks following their actions in Elite Dangerous. They attacked and killed an explorer who had re-entered civilised space following literal months of exploration. He had amassed so much exploration data that a group of friends had agreed to meet him and see him home safely in celebration.

There were a lot of people there to greet him. But one lowly attacker and a few missiles were enough to put an end to the explorer and all his friends could do was watch. Naturally, this was not something that the Elite Dangerous community is predominantly really used to. This is more in line with EVE.

Attacks like this really suck, especially if you've been saving up for a long period of time. It's frustrating, but if the developers aren't taking drastic steps towards preventing such attacks, perhaps it's just how they want the game to be played? Maybe denial of docking is enough for them.

Elite Dangerous
Elite Dangerous

But where do you stand on all of this? Have you heard of the case of the CODE blockade already? Have you run into them? Let us know where you stand on pirates in Elite Dangerous and whether you think developers should introduce more stringent punishments for those that condone these actions!


Do you think that Elite Dangerous needs stronger punishments for pirates?


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