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Like most kids, I was raised on the Disney classics. I would watch The Little Mermaid, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Aladdin, and The Goofy Movie nonstop (sorry for that annoyance, Mom and Dad).

It comes with no surprise that Disney's profound effect on our childhoods, and therefore, has crept into adulthood as well. So much so, that some of us have even gotten ink dedicated to some of our favorite characters from the Disney world.

1. Mulan Bringing the Honor

You can just sense the badass-ness of Mulan through this really simple, yet powerful tattoo.

[Source: bookishlee]

2. Minnie's Bow

Perfect for any guy or gal with a shaved head.

[Source: Jessica D. Emery, Facebook]

3. Magnificent Maleficent

This watercolor vibe shows Maleficent's soft side.

[Source: leannar6689]

4. Just a Spoon Full of Sugar

Mary is up, up, and away!

[Source: allisonwylie1]

5. Mermaid Sparkles

Ariel whips her hair back and forth.

6. Chip Feeling Chippy

This cutie pie has gotten a case of the bubbles.

[Source: disneyink Tumblr]

7. Leia and Han Are Anything but Solo

Combining two of the most awesome worlds in existence.

8. Lady Oogie Boogie

If you thought the Oogie Boogie Man was scary, wait until you meet this chick.

[Source: disneyink Tumblr]

9. What's This? What's This?

The detailing on this tattoo is unreal; it looks like a full-on painting!

10. Baby Jack and Puppy Ghost Zero

The cuteness factor is in overload.

[Source: disneyink Tumblr]

11. Best Buds

Who else recognizes that logo?

[Source: disneyink Tumblr]

12. Darth Mickey

He's a little less scary than Darth Vader.

13. Tangled in Those Tentacles

Davy Jones has quite the mean mug.

[Source: tat2istcecil]

14. The Evil Queen Is Dotty

How did the tattoo artist even do this?!

[Source: disneyink Tumblr]

15. Jack and Sally

True, haunted, dark love.

16. Haunted Tattoo

This is from my favorite ride at Disneyland!

[Source: Grace Dlabaj]

17. Remember Who You Are

Cub Simba is too precious.

[Source: Steve at Lucky Monkey Tattoo]

18. Mary Poppins is Poppin'

The creativity here is mind-blowing. Those bright colors make an excellent juxtaposition with the dark theme at the top.

19. Ghostly Hitchhiker

For those who have caught the wanderlust bug.

[Source: daniellem34]

20. Always in Neverland

Simply, tiny, but powerfully effective.

[Source: mollyl41]

21. Steamboat Willie

This is pure old school Disney.

[Source: Gabriella RK, Facebook]

Tattoos are permanent, much like the imprints Disney has had on our hearts.

Therefore, tattoos commemorating this incredible franchise seems like the perfect way to bridge the gap between our magical childhood and adulthood.

[Source: Buzzfeed, Instagram, Neatorama, disneyink Tumblr]


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