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The relation between Heroes and his fans is a very long story of tears and deceptions. A first season unanimously acclaimed and thereafter a story less and less interesting and ratings falling.

Thus, the announcement of a new serie taking place a few years after the original show did a lot of noise. For my part, I was really excited yet also sceptic about it. But, something changed my mind.

Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters

NBC released a month back, a web serie of six mini-episodes named Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters. The events of this web serie takes place right after the events of the season finale.

So, we are immersed in a world where "EVOs", as they call them, are now known from everyone. Thereby, we are following Phoebe who is learning about her ability to manipulate her shadow. Of course, over time her powers will grown into something more powerful and potentially dangerous.

The serie talks a lot about problematics of our current world. Some of them were addressed in Heroes but it's here in a bigger extent. The "EVOs" are isolated from others, discriminated, have less rights that "normal" people. It's pretty much a reflection of our real word were some people can be sidelined. It's not original but it's credible and it works. I won't spoil anything about the serie but you will even see some familiar faces over the course of the episodes.

The relation between Phoebe and her brother Quentin is probably the best thing in this webserie. We see how Quentin tries to deal with her sister's powers by helping her the best he can despite his lack of powers. This situation will ultimately lead him to do a lot of things.

If you followed the cast announcement, you may know that Phoebe's brother will be one of the main character of Heroes Reborn. So, the webserie really established a backstory for Quentin, primordial if you want to understand his situation when the show kicks-off.

Only negative point for me, the use of the found footage. It's not that I don't like it, some movies used it really well, but here it could have been better. I get the idea of making Phoebe and Quentin history really personal but I just didn't find this procédé adapted for this particular web serie.

In any case, Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters immersed me again in the world of Heroes and I have to say, I liked it. I hadn't watched the show for years and I find myself really interesting again in this universe. We got some tease of what the story will be and I want now to see more of it.

If you haven't watched yet Heroes or let down the show before the end, Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters is a perfect way to start.

Heroes Reborn is coming September 24th on NBC !


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