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James Wood

I have a very strong stomach when it comes to gore, I can take breaking bones and gallons of blood but when it comes to eyes or any really sensitive parts of the body it gets harder to watch. I'm 22 now, and whilst I still love the bloodiness of horror I am getting a bit squeamish, yet I still enjoy the intensity of it all.

However, 28 Weeks Later features one of the most graphic and horrifying gore filled moments I've ever seen in the genre. This scene sees an infected Robert Carlyle gouge the eyes out of his wife causing them to puncture, burst violently and bleed. It is one of the moments where you want to look away but the morbid curiosity and shock keeps you glued. The prosthetics and make-up department behind this epic adventure deserve a huge thumbs up.

Not only does 28 Weeks Later spray blood in epic style, it features a fantastic look at the political side of a Zombie apocalypse and the lengths people will go to survive even when your own turn against you. The way the army and government are portrayed in these types of films are shown to be selfish, relentless and uncaring, covering up threats and killing the innocent and healthy to prevent an outbreak. But when the infected break out in huge scale, the infected destroy and flood London and not even the army can stop them, forcing the army to go all out and kill anyone that enters their sniper scopes and it becomes harsh but imminently viewing.

I absolutely love the cast in this sequel. I had favourites whom I hoped would survive the bloodshed, and best of all three of my favourite stars appear. Jeremy Renner, Idris Elba and Rose Byrne star as sergeants and doctors and they are very believable and superb throughout. The realistic family chemistry is brought to life by Imogen Poots, Robert Carlyle and Mackintosh Muggleton, each of them delivering fine performances that only intensify as the stakes get higher.

With more action, better acting and more tension than its poor predecessor, 28 Weeks Later is the perfect sequel and it remains one of the best and scariest virus/zombie type movies ever.


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