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For the past four months, Scott Snyder has placed us in a totally different world of the Dark Knight. Gone was Bruce Wayne and the Batcave and all his assistants that helped him nightly with his war on crime. Instead, we have a Mech-suited Batman who is actually Commissioner Gordan and a slew of cops who serve as his backup. Gone is the Joker and Two-Face and they have been replaced by the new villain of the story Mr. Bloom. But, who is Mr. Bloom? He was clearly never around before in the days of Bruce Wayne. Well, as we learned this issue, he was around and Batman was actually responsible for the creation of this newest member of his Rogues Gallery.

Snyder puts the pedal to the metal in this issue and gives us the disturbing origin of Mr. Bloom which stems greatly from the actual world that we live in. A world where the lower class is actually looked down upon so that the higher class can get even richer. A world where cop violence on unarmed black teens is rampant everywhere in the world and people can't do much about it except protest. A world where the poor look for help from the rich, but only get turned away because they are "invisible" to their eyes. This is the origin of Mr. Bloom. He is an angry human being, and he has every right to be after you read this issue. The story goes well into the past, right after the events of "zero year" when Bruce was still learning the ropes as Batman and Gordan still believed that everyone was not corrupt. But, how times have changed since these days. This issue, drawn beautifully by artist Jock displays the comic is a style that is very noir and also very dark at the same time. The mystery weaves in and out delectably and you'll be hard pressed to find a better single issue read in 2015. BATMAN #44 contained everything that made me love Batman. We get a very good detective story that takes place in a city so run down that it resorts to further destroying itself. We also get a very compelling and realistic story that can be compared to various people's plight in real life. The events of this issue will continue to resonate in the world of the Dark Knight for many more months, and I don't believe you might find a better DC comic to read all year. Even if you dislike the way that Batman comics are going now, you will probably enjoy this one-shot issue greatly. I give this book a 9 out of 10.


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