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James Wood

Most people know this movie because of its zero percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and abysmal rating on IMDB. It's not popular with audiences at all, most critics and audience stating One Missed Call would only be found sat at the bottom of a bargain bin down some old dirt road in an old petrol station.

Funnily enough, I see One Missed Call on Blu-ray a lot but I don't think people ever pick it up. I bought it back in 2009, my first ever Blu-ray for £4 and to my surprise I enjoyed this critically panned film. My curiosity peaked by the butchering it received, I had to buy it and there are some surprisingly frequent spine tingling moments and mysterious events. But, personally, I don't define it as a horror.

Whilst there is a sense of dread here and there, One Missed Call comes off as a drama with elements of a chiller. Think back to films like Pulse and White Noise, both sucked but the stories looked at supernatural forces through technology, with each film possessing a cold tone and a heavy use of bland CGI. The horror element wasn't really here, and One Missed Call has moments like this. Look at the opening titles and constant bombardment of phone usage, it's all rather cheap looking and drama based, just with sprinkles of thriller here and there.

However, the aforementioned jumpy shocks are nicely bolstered down by some truly creepy imagery. The man on the bus with bugs running through his veins, the old lady at the bus stop and the baby in the cot with a knife, it's all rather weird and unsettling. I loved the scene when the first phone call comes through, the look on Shannyn Sossamon's and Azura Skye's faces are very convincing full of confusion and worry, this is a well constructed scene. One by one the characters are picked off in mildly gruesome ways in a Final Destination sort of manner but truth be told the gore isn't that effective, only disappointing.

Although the characters aren't ones you care for, the cast's performance are quite good, but there are some times where the acting is off key, a little life needs to be injected. I think Shannyn Sossamon is a great lead, I'd like to see more of her movies. You'd think because it's based on technology One Missed Call wouldn't be scary, it isn't terrifying but it actually succeeds in giving the mobile phone a creepy vibe, or should I say tone, compared to other films similar in story.


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