ByDavid Crider, writer at
...bout the same. The same people who go see 1 will no doubt go see the other and both will pick up a fair percentage of non-nerd movie night folks as well. STAR WARS on the other hand will have 4 generations of fandom out for the show, as well as the average movie goer. Like another commenter stated "We have been waiting for this for 30 years". I know I shall be at all 3 and will watch without pre-judgemental bias and simply enjoy my evening. We have gotten way too caught up in controversy, argumentative mud slinging in our society that nobody see clearly what the point is anymore. Whether it be politics, moral issues and the culture wars all the way to a simple movie designed to bring joy. No one has even seen these movies, yet are willing to curse you out, kick your dog and punch your grandma because Gal Gadot is WW, (she just might be great, def hot) Ben ain't Bale (and neither are Keaton), and Supe's is a little darker. Well look at the world this Kryptonian is in, Hate rules the streets and the worst thing you can be is a white person, or a white cop. The whole Truth, Justice and the American way has disappeared for our culture. If I was Supe's I think I'd be a bit dark myself. So just enjoy the show, eat some snacks (and if you smuggle your own snacks, leave the noisy bag of chips at home...Please)

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