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As we enter the final month of the Spider-event of the year, we again are left with so many questions and unresolved feelings that we should be asking ourselves was this story even worth it. What truly did it accomplish? We have been targeting Joe Quesada for years about his destruction of the wedding of Mary Jane and Peter Parker that we have failed to look at some of the positive things that have come after that story. We have held in anger over the disappearance of Peter's child that we failed to think what would have happened to that comic if the child had actually survived. Now, we have 5 issues where we get to see a married Peter who is also a father. Did we like this view of Peter or was he seen as too violent? The one thing that was clear was that the original vow that he took(with great power comes great responsibility) was mostly lost. Now, with the final part of the story, we see that vow return.

One of the positives about this set, and issue as a whole was that it was very self-contained. There was no need to understand anything that came before it, and we'll probably never learn what comes after. It was just a 5 issue limited series that served to quench the throats of the rabid fans that still want Quesada's head. But, that really was the only positive. In actuality, the story as a whole should have focused on a married Peter who was a father, and less on a villain of the month who was able to kill the entire X-men and Avengers in a 2 page span, but could not defeat Spider-man. Why? Well, as Dan Slott stated, the spider-sense is the most powerful weapon that he Regent doesn't yet contain. Well, that spider-sense didn't accomplish much this issue as Peter was still tossed around and blasted. Plus, with all the spider-sense blocking technology that has existed for years, I can't see how that power is as useful as Regent makes it appear to be. Peter again, as Slott has proven in recent years, needs help to win every single battle. Gone are the days when he was a solo fighter who was able to defeat any villain with his brains and brawn, and that has been replaced with a Spider-man who gets defeated and then wins the final battle due to the help of a assistant. Yes, this comic wasn't all that bad, but it was very predictable. But, that was fine based on what this comic was going to be used for. It's almost a shame that there are so many unanswered questions left when we finish the book. What will happen to this family that Peter has? What will happen to that city since almost all the heroes are dead? What caused the Sinister Six to look like that? Will Peter continue fighting crime or stop and be a real Dad? Well, maybe one day we'll get those answers, but I don't see that happening. All in all, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS has been a tremendously fun ride. Unfortunately, #5 proves that the series has failed to live up to its amazing premise – but doing so may never have been possible in the first place. I give this final part a 6 out of 10.


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