ByBrad Dee, writer at

In the last four months,the world of Superman has been turned upside down. Lois Lane has sold out Clark's identity to protect him from giving up part of his abilities to a new villain(as seen in last month's Superman issue). The world has turned against him and he has been disbarred from his own fortress. But, throughout all of this, he still continues to fight for what he believes in, regardless of how the world outside looks at him. His apartment has been destroyed and racist tags have been placed on all of his walls. In a way, this comic has displayed a number of signs that showcase the real world that we live in. Plus, throughout all of this, a new villain by the name of Wrath has been setting her sights on the Man of Steel.

But, regardless of how solid the last few issues of Action Comics has been, this very quick read of an issue mostly fell flat. The first thing you might notice about this issue is that it feels like you missed an issue. Nope,you didn't. The last issue ended with the police force being taken over by the shadow creatures which bring out a lot of rage in our citizens. But this issue is very punch happy, and that's not always a good thing in a superhero comic. What we get is a muddled comic about Superman going out if his way to defeat a foe that he knows nothing really about. It could be the lack of details. It could be the wrapping up of the arc, while at the same time opening up a lot of questions. There’s just something very off with this issue. Possibly reading the arc as a trade, that might not be as apparent, but with a month gap, I definitely felt like something was off. The issue, as a conclusion leaves way to many unanswered questions, and by the end, just serves as a set-up to the next story arc. Maybe that was the goal the entire time. But, probably as a graphic novel, this issue might be a much better read. But, regardless the art by Kuder(who also helped to write this issue) does make this book better then it deserves to be. REad it if you are following the "truth" storyline. Leave it alone if you aren't. I give this book a 6 out of 10.


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