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Last week's news of Hal Jordan's hometown, Coast City, being featured in Arrow left some fans confused: while the addition of Green Lantern would likely be welcomed by many, the future of DC's TV universe is a little vague. The CW has clarified that there would be no more DC spinoffs, and while shows such as Supergirl will exist on other networks, it's still unclear whether or not she'll ever meet Barry Allen or Oliver Queen.

But for now, it seems, the teasing will continue: executive producer Marc Guggenheim dropped another tidbit on the subject during a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly:

There is a nod or two. There is a billboard that people will get a kick out of, and there may or may not be a ring in the season premiere.

While the billboard might stand as the advertisement for Coast City that we've seen before, the discovery (or hidden Easter egg) of Green Lantern's ring would be incredible. As it stands, within the universe, Barry Allen explained in The Flash that Ferris Air had recently shut down its Central City testing facility after a pilot had gone missing. With the time that's passed, will we meet that pilot -- and what's more, will that pilot turn out to be Hal Jordan, and will he have his ring?

Arrow returns to The CW on October 7th, 2015.


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