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A couple weeks ago, rumors began circulating that cinematic genius George Miller is in talks with Warner Bros to direct a possible Man of Steel sequel. Many fans rallied in support for the [Mad Max: Fury Road](tag:41445) director to helm a DC film and it looks like fans wishes may be becoming a bit more of a reality. [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) director Zack Snyder recently commented on the possibility of Miller coming over to DC.

Does Zack Snyder think George Miller would succeed at DC?

Many people are confident in Zack Snyder's ability to bring Batman and Superman together on the big screen in the right way. in an interview with News.Com.Au, Snyder was asked if he was open to the idea of Miller coming over and directing a DC film, hopefully Man of Steel 2,and he had this to say:

George doing one of the DC movies? Oh my God, absolutely. George can do anything he wants, in my opinion. We haven’t talked about it, and to be frank I just didn't know what he was thinking of doing next. But yeah, if I was to think he had any interest in them of course I’m happy to talk to him.

So it seems that Snyder is very open to the possibility of George Miller coming over and directing a DCEU film. Unfortunately, it seems as if he has no knowledge of any negotiations between Miller and Warner Bros as of the moment but he clearly holds the director's past work in high regard. Snyder made it clear that his phone is "so open" if Miller had any interest in joining the DC team. This is very encouraging news to anyone who is a fan of George Miller and hopefully he decides to join the DC family and possibly direct Man of Steel 2!


Would you like to see George Miller direct a DC Film?


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