ByTom Haman, writer at

If I was going to write a #3's story, and I would do it as a cap on a trilogy, I would not do it with anything involving a war. I would look at it as a natural evolution to the Hiccup and Toothless's friendship. I would place it several years ahead with Hiccup and Astrid expecting their first child. Toothless, being the Alpha, is without a mate and his friendship is not enough. He is very much watching over Astrid and Hiccup and their expected child, but he too needs a mate. When the child is born, a boy, the strain becomes overwhelming. I see Hiccup and Toothless setting out to find the OTHER last remaining Night Fury, a female Hiccup leaves against Astrid's protests of going on a dangerous journey with their son newborn. His mother understands Hiccup's loyalty and love of his dragon, but is also concerned and helps him with whatever advice she can give. I see Drago re-entering to create an obstacle to the quest but ultimately vanquished with Tootless finding a mate. With that, he and the rest of the dragons leave to form an existence of their own.


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